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Plodding on

Hi everybody, thought I'd just give an update, I have just completed my first thirty hour week at work. I decided my brain wasn't handling my senior care post, with short term memory loss, poor concentration, and to be honest felt I didn't want the responsibility so I have reverted back to being a carer. It wasn't an easy week, don't think the heat helped, and bloody typical I have three days off now and it's raining here in Stalybridge. Physically I have been exhausted, but have enjoyed being the care giver, without the extra stress, shame it doesn't pay better that I could afford to do it part time. I have my first appointment with my consultant since my stroke, next week so I'm hoping he's going to be pleased, his forecast at the time was quite grim. Oh and the other good news is my bald patch has started sprouting lol, which reminds me I need to colour my hair, have a good weekend everybody love Alice xx

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Hello Alice

It's great to hear how you are doing, makes sense that you are going for what is manageable.

Good that your hair is growing back, it makes a difference to the self esteem doesn't it?

Wishing a good appointment for you and hope you keep in touch.

Big hug and well done !


Nan x


Thanks nan, surprising really but my hair didn't bother me too much, think it was because it was the only physical sign of what I'd been through, hope you have a good weekend Alice xx

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Well done Alice in getting back to work so soon after your SAH. Please make sure you're getting the rest you need won't you ; 30 hours a week of caring must be tough going after only 4 months recovery. That's pretty heroic in my book........... I was still in lala land at that stage !

Great news about the hair..........it'll be such a confidence booster..............especially with the colour !

Hope all goes well at your appointment next week.

Have a restful weekend m'dear. You're a star. ;-) xx

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Hi cat, yes still having my nana naps on my days off, I do have to keep reminding myself, did I really have a stroke, compared to a lot of the gang on here I was very lucky, I think your all heroes too. One thing I have noticed while working, whenever I bend down, putting feet on wheelchairs or putting shoes on I get pain at the back of my head,is this usual. I had planned to take things easy and sit in the garden, but don't think we've got good weather in our neck of the woods,but never mind. Hope you have a good weekend cat, keep plodding on love Alice xx


Yes it's been wall to wall sunshine all week here in NW but all changed today. (have to take some responsibility having 'prayed' for rain for the garden !)

I look specifically for foorwear with no laces or straps as bending down is so unpleasant.

For me it's light headedness ; something to do with the rush of blood to the head which a compromised brain feels more acutely !

So if you can manage to crouch and lower your whole torso rather than just your head, it might prevent that awful sensation. I assume you're BP is ok ?

Hope you get to sit out tomorrow m'dear !

Love from Cat xx


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