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Has anyone else had trouble with signatures being accepted?

I have a personal injury trust account which is where I keep money paid to me for getting my brain injury. For anyone not aware this is like a savings account no money can be added and it needs me and another person to sign for me to get money out. That other person is my mum.

I needed money out last year so signed got money out no problem. Now we have moved house so we told the trust, we was told we had to sign to confirm the new address. We both did and they wrote back saying they could not accept my signature as it was different to the one they had on file so could I resign which I did. Again I got letter saying my signature is still different and could I resign. If 2 signatures don't match it's unlikely 10 or more would. Since then my mum has been on phone to them a few times each time being told it would be sorted even going as far as getting me on the phone to ask if I would agree to them sending a stamp out so instead of signing I would need to use the stamp. I agreed as it seems a easy enough solution except they refuse to send it to our new address. Surely they should have something in place such as stamps and give anyone who may need them one as they open the trust.

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I suggest you get a free half hour consultation with a solicitor Keeley as I'm sure this can be easily sorted. If a letter needs to be sent out there might be a charge, but probably well worth it to have some professional intervention & support.

Hope you can have this matter resolved ; all sounds very frustrating on top of your healh issues. Good luck. Cat x

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P. S. Alternatively you can complain to your local Financial Ombudsman. You can do this online and there is no charge for their intervention :-


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Have the same problem --- use a simplistic signature for everything which is just a scribble and a 'notebook' signature which I can repeat.

My thoughts with you over this problem


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