Does anyone use Assistance Dogs?

Does anyone use Assistance Dogs?

Having a Better " Now". Felt very bizarrely at Peace Last night. Hopefully a Sign... Would be Everything Not to be Alone physically aswell as dealing with a "fractured Hard Drive" .

Does anyone have certified Dog assistance in Their Lives, intrigued to hear about furry partnerships.

I just get warmth "Top-ups" on Bad Days from random cats :)

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  • I'm not sure about the assistance dogs but many people here have their own dogs and swear they'd be lost without them. I'd love a dog but worry that it would be unfair to keep one when I have periods of feeling too unwell to go out. But I've always had cats and my last cat (now deceased) was a constant companion. My kids always joked that if they and the cat were drowning I'd save the cat first !

    (Please excuse the italics ; no idea how it's happened ! )

    Pets can be such great company and loyal 'friends', but dogs need daily exerise so that's something to consider, whereas a cat is quite independant and, with a cat flap, will come and go as it pleases day or night. But either can be very loving companions.

    I've posted a link below for assistance dogs ; hope it helps. :-

    Best wishes Ghost, good to hear your feeling more positive today ! Cat x

  • Glad your your children can swim ;) Thanks for the link. Hope to do some fund raising too. Got to go, headaches on its way.

  • OK Ghost.........hope the headache's gone soon ! x :-/

  • If you would like a dog, look into homing a retired greyhound. They are so badly treated and if they don't make good racing dogs they are kicked out (or worse). They need hardly any exercise, are so laid back you wouldn't believe but are super, loving companions.

  • They look so somber / sweet! Can't for the now. Am navigating things to be able to rescue some furries. Fed a feral cat again. So sad, no purrrrring, slightly rubbed against me, no Soul. Empty eyes. Eat just for the sake of it. Remained me of "other days" in my Life. Hoping to get cat adopted at my work. Atleast will be fed when I'm off.

  • I could use a random cat .... miss my Moo - more so since my illness :-(

  • So that's the origin of your profile name Kathy...........a cat named Moo ; lovely ! x

    PS, would make a great title for a children's book. 'A Cat Named Moo'..........x

  • No though when I visit my folks they have dogs as they always have so plenty of dog walks and dogs in bed and so on!

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