Therapy by colouring

Therapy by colouring

My Sunday afternoon was spent with some colouring therapy and how I love a spot of colouring now and again. Spending time doing things I love is what makes me so happy , please look forward to my new post @thegardenhale on happiness. What makes you happy! Enjoy the weekend doing things you love. Try this I promise it will make you feel so much better.

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  • Thanks for the colouring reminder.....I'll try to find my book and pencils later !!

  • I got into colouring whilst I was in hospital. I hadn't been doing it for months but weirdly I began again this weekend. I said weirdly because I've just read this post about it! I find it great therapy to calm you. I have been suffering with anger and colouring means I can zone out from it. Wonderful picture by the way 😊

  • Yet too explore & rediscover this relaxation technique. I highlight alot of things at work & have to put the brakes on covering anything!

    Very oddly, the only chill out brain in neutral is my cut throat shave I give myself when make time...Odd :)

  • A friend of mine does this to relieve stress from a busy job. I bought a book and pencils for my mum and I'm going to encourage her to try. She much prefers crossword puzzles though.

  • This looks gorgeous!

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