Adult colouring books

I'm like a kid again I can't wait to start using my new adult colouring books which friends have

just bought over for me.

Apparently from what they have said its really taken off in the UK I wish nearly coming to 3 years ago that this was available when I was in hospital for 2 months ...

This is such a good therapeutic way to help dealing with any kind of brain injury, in my opinion and takes me back to my childhood when I loved colouring even right up to leaving school.

So my mission tomorrow I'm off out to buy my felt tips and get started on my new hobby for the winter months here in :)


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  • I absolutely love them. Someone gave the books to me as a gift and I have been using them throughout my recovery...

  • I love them to, therapeutic and absorbing.

    Have been giving them as presents to my loved ones.

    Keep colouring !

  • I use paint by numbers and have ever since coming out of rehab, there are some beautiful ones, I have a German one of Tutankhamen 's mask, they make good presents when framed.

    Janet x

  • Sounds great; I used relatively simple jigsaws but found that very fatiguing; colouring probably would have worked better. Enjoy :-)

  • I do jigsaws too but the compiles Wasgij ones, 1000 piece ones, they take me a while to do, but it's amazing how your brain builds the picture up from just the random pieces.

    I make jewellery too, with lots of frustration, because my fine motor skills aren't the best, I like the large, 16x16, sudoku too.

    It all helps retrain he brain.


  • Hi Mandy,

    This sounds like a great idea and they have really increased in popularity in recent months. It'd be good to hear how you get on with them and whether you find it therapeutic, I'm sure that'd be very useful information for others too.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Headway,

    once I start of course I will let you know how I get fact it all came out of a conversation only a few months back that friends mentioned about how quickly it has taken on in the UK and with me mentioning how I loved colouring especially when I was younger till late teens.

    So when they came to visit me for their holidays here in Cyprus they remembered and bought me a few out and i can fully understand how it helps people get back into there motor skills and gaining confidence in themselves by doing something and seeing results.

    I wish i had had something like that to show how i was developing and being aware of how far i was trying to move forwards when i was in hospital more for myself confidence than anything.

    Luckily compared to many i was able to start my progress quite quickly even though i was hospitalized for 2 months which drove me stir crazy.

    Best Regards


  • I work with Headway Luton Art therapies, we use a lot of these - people with all ranges of abilities find pleasure, confidence-building and improve fine motor skills with these.

    You can get royalty free ones and photocopy them.

    They can enable skills to be learnt / relearnt to help clients move on to "full-blow" drawing or painting.

    We describe them as frameworks for people to be creative within or without the lines - no pressure - no judgement

  • i think theyre brilliant keeps the wife quiet for hours so i can watch the rugby in peace. wish id descovered them 36yrs ago!!!

  • I have been clouring in for months.. tried reading, meditation to name but a few nothing worked till i purchased colouring books for adults... i get lost in all the colours and designs... i cant sleep, have severe anxiety also worry a lot when i lift my pens and book it all goes away.. would highly recommend it... you can get them on amazon, in water stone's, and bargain books 🙌

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