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The latest issues of NR Times came through my letter box this morning.

Again some really good articles presented in a way that's informative and simple to read.

Some staggering numbers in this issue the number of A&E reported head injuries is up 40% and 35,000 children will receive a head injury this year and a lot of positive developments in treatments and rehab

Well worth getting the magazine or reading on-line.

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  • I've been reading the NR Times online, about the increase in brain injury, and how the highest increase is among people over the ago of 75, the age group which, surprisingly, has the highest incidence of TBIs. But what I really got hooked on was a whole section on homeless people, and how little we understand about their reasons for living on the streets.

    I see a young man every week sitting on a bridge in my local town (Altrincham) surrounded by all his worldly goods. Every week I chat with him and give him a £2 coin and, although he MIGHT be a drug user, I suspect he isn't. To me he looks like someone with an injured brain. I worry that I won't see him for 6 weeks (owing to my broken foot) because he's such a gentle, frail soul who can't string more than a couple of words words together. His spontaneous smile, showing his lack of teeth, is heart-rending.

    And the article warned against pre-conceived ideas of homeless folk, as so many are on the streets after living normal, working lives then, after sustaining a brain injury, forget to attend medical appointments (know that well), stop turning up for work and paying the rent and, with no family support, find themselves with nowhere to live. Apparently, according to outreach workers, many homeless women are living rough with brain injury after repeated battering by partners, or hypoxic injury caused by repeated near-strangulation.

    As you might have gather Sos, I've found this publication quite an eye-opener ! Thanks for the mention. Love Cat xx

  • The same as the young man you came across, there are many ex-service men in the same situation, on the streets through not being able to cope. Whilst many of them have PTSD, I have a feeling many of them have PCS either from being in close proximity to explosions or getting concussions from being bounced around in military vehicles, parachuting etc. With the symptoms between PTSD and PCS overlapping, i can see them missing out on the right help - if it was available!

    As for homeless women, it must be tough for a man, but you dread to think of how vulnerable and scared women must be all the time. Even the practicalities of daily life must be dreadful. It really angers me when I see how our priorities are skewed in this country - this week the Welsh news program featured an artist whom received an arts grant to get people to pose in red ponchos on a hillside! How many hot meals or night shelters could be provided with that ?

    I can't work out why, I find the magazine quite a good read. Most things I read on head and brain injuries, I get bored with and skim through. Although, the magazine is intended for health care professionals it is understandable by the lay person. I was surprised at the article on page 42 - an issue normal skirted around by a lot of professionals and publications. As well as the main subject they went on to discuss general non physical relationships which I thought was quite good.

    it almost like recounting a good film or sporting fixture - did you see that bit .... :-)

  • Funnily enough when discussing the homeless issue with my pal, the conversation veered onto ex-service men and how so many have ended up on the scrap heap after sustaining life changing brain injuries.

    Homelessness is a subject which has many, many tiers to it and causes unimaginable hardship, whilst the Whitehall cronies swan around in luxury. Makes my blood boil knowing that, thanks to policies of Ms May & co, not only will rough sleepers be denied the help they need, their numbers are set to soar.

    Ok, need to bring BP back down so I'm heading for page 42 now Sos to suss out your recommended article ! xx

  • Me again. Can't seem to access page 42 so I typed it into their search box but 'Yorkshire ABI forum meetings' was the agenda !

    So apart from the page where the articles on age and homelessness were featured, I can't get at anything else.

    Might have to become a member before I can start turning pages. x

  • In the printed version page 42, is about post injury intimacy - or sex.

  • Surprised, I thought that post would have been censored and I would have been banned.

    The printed version has articles on

    Brain injured kids written off at school

    Making limitations disappear

    Looking at Neurones

    One Punch is all it takes - victims of random assaults

    Sex and relationship

    Revolutions in Rehab

    Brian injuries amongst refugees

    New treatments for BI using stem cells

    About 60 pages in total

    My wife spent nearly 3 hours reading it yesterday

  • :O I know Altrincham, I'm originally from Wilmslow!

  • Oh really Alex ? I had a feeling you were from this area when you mentioned treatment in Manchester in one of your posts. If I remember correctly, you're up in Scotland now ? x

  • Correct, not far from Glasgow :)

  • Well you're in the best place ................the other side of the border where the leader has a working brain ! x

  • Wilmslow quite a posh area - I knew a girl from Wilmslow whom said she wasn't found under a gooseberry bush but under a peach tree !

  • Not heard that before! 😂

  • So very true. I think we all pre judge to a certain extent, but we owe it to ourselves to at least try and understand.

  • Yes, mine arrived this morning, I asked for a copy to be sent after you posted about it a while back. Really have found it interesting. ;)

  • Never heard of it but curious to read it now! I find the whole homeless thing so upsetting, I usually buy a guy that sits quietly watching the world go by a fish supper when I see him. Breaks my heart thinking they will sleep outside in all weathers and have no fresh running water to bathe in! x

  • What does N.R. stand for?

  • Neuro Rehab

    Not as boring as it sounds

  • I was thinking the same!

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