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This morning I went to the hospital to have a CT done for the sinuses as per the ENT doctor recommendation to see where the back at the throat bleeding stems from. As some of you might be aware, Ive already had a head CT done 7 months ago and am worried that although the radiologist mentioned it's a "low dose" this will translate into a brain tumor or some form of cancer later in the year or within the next 5 years.

I am scared of what may follow from now on.

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  • Alex there is clearly nothing any of us can say to you, to reassure you, that we haven't said lots of times before! It's sad that you can't even accept the radiologists reassurance that it was very low dose and therefore the risks are extremely minimal. X-rays, CT and MRI scans etc have been used for many years now and some people do have to have them frequently to assess and monitor other conditions, but there isn't millions of people then developing brain tumours or cancers as a direct result! I certainly know lots of people who have had multiple X-rays and scans, but I don't know anyone who has a tumour or cancer caused by that procedure. Also I was a nurse for 30 yrs and I never came across anyone who had either. It is beginning to seem to me that you don't want to let go of your life dominated by anxiety because that defines you and is perhaps how you draw attention from others. The advice to you is the same, as myself, and others on here keep suggesting - you need to address your anxiety and why it is almost paralysing your life through long term therapy. Otherwise you are going to spend everyday for the rest of your life waiting for the day that you develop a symptom that you convince yourself is the brain tumour or cancer that you are convinced will be caused by the X-rays and scans. Yes some of us do in our lives get cancers and brain tumours but not commonly caused by X-rays or scans!

    Best wishes

  • Hi Alex, I hope you can get a firm result from the ct. brilliant to find out what the problem is or if there is a problem. Let us know the outcome :) Try to let go the thoughts about the ct. The NHS isnt allowed to do things to people that aren't safe. Every time the thought about the CT comes into your head.....think about it......recognise it and acknowledge it. Say to yourself .....'Oh yes, that's the thought about the CT scan. Then say.......that thought is going and will soon be gone. You might have to say it a few times at first. Eventually it might disappear if you can train yourself to stop attaching importance to it. It's worth a try......'That is going and will soon be gone' .........just give it a go :) good luck with your results.

  • Alex, can I ask whether you're having any psychotherapy for your anxiety ? I've looked through your posts and all your symptoms point to either PTSD or at least an obsessive preoccupation with illness.

    Until you get help for your underlying obsession with morbid ideas of dying/cancer/damage from scans etc., you'll always remain trapped in this cycle of fear. No matter how many tests you have and how much reassurance you receive, you'll continue to have symptoms and live in a state of fear, because your illness (I believe) isn't organic but psychological.

    I'm guessing your quite young ? These scary ideas (which are all part of the phobia) can actually produce physical symptoms so that the fear = tests = more fear = doubt = more symptoms........... round and round it goes forever, unless you tackle the underlying phobia once and for all.

    I'm not trivialising your illness Alex, far from it. But you need help..........the right kind of help, before you drive yourself to a mental breakdown. What do you think m'love ? x

  • I was supposed to be telling you that I'm having treatment from my GP for a sinus infection ; no scans, just nasal sprays of cleanser and antibiotic for three months.

    I have regular signs of blood, and pain in the temples and around the eyes, but I know the symptoms are quite common and I just have to wait 'til the meds do their work.

    See you soon Alex. x

  • Hi Cat, hope the sinus treatment works quickly, I know how awfully painful it is.


  • Oh thank you Jan ! At present my speech sounds like I've a peg on my nose, but I'll see the ENT people if it doesn't clear in a couple of months.

    Hope you're (both) doing OK. xx

  • Hope you feel better soon Cat! xx

  • Hello lovely girl...............I think there's a degree of healing power in commiseration 'cause I feel quite uplifted by the good wishes from both you and Jan. Thanks so much !

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow with fingers and everything else crossable crossed ! Hope it's the best possible result m'love !! xxx

  • I am 28 years of age, Cat and thank you for your thoughts- unfortunately with this being through the NHS it wont be until march 20th when I'll see the doctor who will give me the CT results.

    At this time it is speculated that this constant bleeding at the back of the throat can be due to a sinus infection or the fracture not having healed as it should after 7 months.

  • Alex, I've lived through a life- threatening tumor and five head surgeries and more CTs than I can count on my fingers. I've had at least five CTs on my head and some on my chest and abdomen surviving severe auto accidents and a ruptured appendix in 2014. I've not become ill with cancer yet and my tumor was not believed to be caused from radiation exposure for my great grandmother had a similar tumor in our family. At the hospital where I go for CTs they do cover the rest of me with a lead protective apron to keep my reproductive organs and other body parts not being scanned from being radiated. Maybe they can do this for you? They only take about 15mins know for a scan when I started having them they took 45 minutes back when I was a child. I will say a prayer for you, but know that whatever that CT scan reveals is far more life saving and beneficial than the risks associated with a CT. I've been through this and down this road and I genuinely feel for you. I just broke my nose in a car accident and suffered two concussions as well, so it's a miracle I don't glow in the dark from CTs-lol! Be brave, be bold, and be well soon! You got this! Blessings

  • Hi Alex, you are wasting your life with all this worrying. In the last 6 months I have had CT scans, MRI scans, multiple x-rays and a bone density scan. Am I worrying about brain tumours? No, I am not. Life is too short to spend it worrying about things that won't happen. Scans and x-rays are expensive and the NHS wouldn't be wasting its money on giving them to people if they were then going to need expensive chemo and radiotherapy for tumours as a result of the scans. Just think back to your history books and realise how awful treatment was in days gone by (even pulling a tooth involved a bottle of whisky and a pair of pliers). We are so lucky to live in an age where doctors can see inside our bodies and heads to find out what is wrong with us. They do it to help them see what is needed for our recovery, not to make us all ill with brain tumours and cancer. Doctor's themselves have scans - would they do it if it was dangerous?

    As others have said, Alex, you need to have treatment for your anxiety. Life is for living, you need to enjoy every day, not spend it worrying.

    In a worst case scenario, if you did get any type of serious illness, how would you look back on this time in your life. Would you regret the amount of time you have wasted on imagining the worst instead of being out there making the most of the life you have been given. Get out and enjoy it Alex, you will never have this time again.

  • I will try to hit the gym in 3 weeks time but already feeling anxious- think getting back to the gym will boost my confidence as well. Having said that did some CBT which slightly helped between oct-december last year but the hospital doctor recommended that I go see someone who is specialized in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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