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how many times have any of you heard this?


So frustrated right now and kind of hurt for my hubby,bless him,we thought he had a new job all lined up back in the indusrty he has 23 years expriance in! a local firm flexiable hours,sounded like he could go in at a very nice wage level,yesterday he went to finalise things,only to be told, the wages would be far less,than we thought or that he his worth for that matter,then to to put the cherry on the cake,the H.R lady informed him of this "yes but with youre recent history you arenot really very empolyable are you? So beyond tactless! and wrong! the boss knows some of his story and seemningly didnot have a problem and now at the eleventh hour he gets told that! My poor hubby is feeling ready and excited to get back to work he is lucky no pyhscial disabiltes,he of course gets fatuige and has low mood sometimes,and is due to have a craniapaslty sometime this year.So unfair!!! Sorry neeed a rant

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OH Razy

I feel for you and especially for your hubby. Watch out for the reaction. I know I don't do very well when I've built myself up to something and get slapped back.

Wishing you both the very best.


thanks i hope he is more relaxed now,yesterday he was shaking a little but he sat down had a cuppa and a big hug.

Hi Razy.

Yep you jump through all the hoops only to be let down. Hope your hubby keeps motivated and calm.

Been there and fed up with the T shirt. Last job I tried to get had me promising to have total rest on my days off, then when it came to start they put me on voluntary trial.

At the end of the trial they then decided the job wasnt needed anymore. They explained that I should be glad I hadnt started the job for real as I may be upset as the job had ended.

Did they really think I was over the moon that I had been working for them for nothing.

Ohh I love empliyers.

Pax. Xx

What a blow. Would your husband consider taking on a educational online course Razy. I'm sure you know how rewarding and engrossing that can be.

Just thinking that maybe it might restore his sense of self-worth ?? xx

razyheath43 in reply to cat3

good idea cat,he has a postgradaute in 3d printing already,but thanks and yes it is rewarding! xx

That's terrible. Discrimination!!! HR should actually know better. If you're insured with LV you get free legal advice as a member (I work for them)

This company don't sound as if they are following any kind of legal procedures.

It's brilliant that your husband is getting back to work & to have a company who understands is key isn't it xxx

I know what your husband is going through. I have 30+ years in IT and used to be in so much demand I used to get 3 or 4 availability requests from recruiters each day.

My CV is still on the databases of the recruitment firms and agencies and I get the occasional email or telephone call for work. However, when I tell them about my injury the interest ends. Even offered to work for a local firm two days a week for free - little interest.

Maybe the Shaw Trust or Remploy may be able to get some work trials. What is your husbands area of expertise ?

Thanks everyone its kind of a shame you know how we feel! and yes it is disrimanation! his area of expertise is 3d printing (rapid proataype) i will look up both those thanks sospan xx

sospan in reply to razyheath43

The good (but also annoying) is that 3d printing is still a new area of expertise so it should be very much in demand.

The other problem is getting access to training courses. I too have quite a lot of qualifications and all the training courses are at very basic levels. I can't go back to Uni because once you have a degree, you can't get funding for another.

Taking of Universities they a place that may need hubbies skills and the pace would be ideal

mmm teaching etc not a bad idea! lol and 3d printing is actually quite an old an idea! and yes the market is opening up more now to smaller machines and more widespread use. thanks again xx

sospan in reply to razyheath43

I wasn't thinking so much as teaching (an option) but helping on the research side. helping the academics create models and prototypes

razyheath43 in reply to sospan

another good idea! all options x

Just read through the posts Razzy, how tact full of the HR person-NOT. I truly hope you can clear this up and your husband can work. Have a good evening. Nick

thanks nick,we will have a good evening,muffin pizzas and the voice is on!

MXman in reply to razyheath43

Sounds perfect. Iv got steak which I'm going to cook in a mo for the family.

this is discrimination against a person with a disability, remember. you dont have to have a physical disability to be disabled.

my stroke has left me with mental health issues, although physically you wouldnt think there was anything wrong with me

Razy, you may well be thinking in hindsight that he wouldn't want to work for such a discriminatory place, anyway,but that comment should be reported to the company's senior management pointing out that you could take them to Tribunal for it. If nothing else the HR woman should be out on her ear as she clearly doesn't understand an employers equality and diversity requirements innrecruitment and employment. Fairly bread and butter stuff if you are an HR person who knows their job properly!

ooohhh liked! thanks mal

Oh Razy,what an absolutely apalling thing to hear. I am incensed on your behalf !

Goes to show that all this 'equal opportunities' legislation does not translate into practice. My latest offer of mutual termination from work made me feel like I am a financial burden. If I take the offer, it looks very much like I may struggle to get another job in the future. I am only 47 and it makes me feel sad that I may not ever work commercially again.

A company that holds such descriminatory views is not worthy of your hubby's skills and dedication. Has he considered self employment ?

Wish I had the money to set up my own company - I would find a suitable roll for us all ! x

it's not right but I'm not terribly surprised.

I am dyslexic which is a lesser disability (1), I've not got jobs because I disclosed that I did.

It's a debate point as to disclose or not.

I'm luckly that I was able to go back to work and over 7-8 month phased return. I have reduced my hours. And they are good to me, and I'm protected by law. But if I had to find new work I think I'd struggle massively.

(1) disability hierarchy hey ho.

that really is disgraceful roger. i had a friend of mine who went to uni to study psychology, because she was dyslexic our local education authority supplied her with a computer with spell check.......that comes as standard these days

I'm fully statemented so I have had lots of help in the past with education but that isn't the same as getting a Job sadly.

surely under the equal opportunities that cant discriminate against a persons disability, colour creed sex sexual orientation and actually thats a question that should be asked at an interview

Correct but sadly it does happen, and is unless incredibly blatantly difficult to prove.

In my experience larger companies are less bothered by disabilities, and possible extra costs etc.

Not so in my case, Roger - I am a Lancashire County Council employee and have just been offered a 'mutual termination', just less than 3 months into sickness !

I am seeking advice on this as to its implications and affect on benefits.

Glad the reduction in your hours is suiting you better : )

since your OH thinks you have a disablity and in all probability you should be classed as one.

It sounds fairly clear discrimination, have you spoken/written to your HR deparment?

it may be worth to use one lasses at my local group phases to "use the disablity card!"

iam aslo dylesxic,i battle on trying not to let it hold me back! either way it stll makes none of this right for any for us!

what is the extent of your disability roger

which one? I seem to be collecting them as time goes on.

I am fairly dyslexic it's not a subtle thing, though the brain injury mild as it may be has bigger effect disability and effects more things.

from a employment law point, both count.

just re read my question...easily misinterpreted....sorry.

a little story from my own ( through my wifes ) experience.

my wife had a severe back problem ( it was later diagnosed as part of her rheumatoid arthritis ) any way she d been off work for about 6 weeks and phoned her boss to say she d like to go back, she didnt drive at the time so he said he d send a car for her on the monday

so she arrives at work to find an adapted keyboard, anew chair with a foot rest, with instructions from her boss to get up and walk around whenever she felt the need to .

i have a friend of mine he s a mechanic, after his tbi , their were a few ums and ahhs but he was allowed back under supervision.

the only thing i can say is good luck and keep pluggin!!!

razyheath43 in reply to steve55

yay! thanks so much we are

Understand the rant! If boss was ready to accept him back I suggest a letter reporting what the HR lady said, if no response from him then it sounds like a case for discrimination!

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