Collapsed now in Hospital waiting for results!

Hi bad news I thought I was doing so well, got back to work and started to see some real improvement ! Collapsed at work on Tuesday and taken to hospital, waiting to find out if I have suffered a mini stroke, CT scan is clear so waiting to have a MRI, not feeling at all well feel like I've been kicked in the head and left with a numbing feeling, have double vision when I look to the right and today I feel sick!

Really fed up as I thought I had started to recover from my fall 5 months ago.

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  • Here's hoping you get good news and that whatever it is it is only temporary.

    Thinking of you and big hugs


  • Thank you xx

  • Sorry to hear that must be very frustrating!

  • Massive hugs Louise Prayers are with you and your family. Nick Xx

  • Louise

    Hopefully a blip from pushing yourself, it is so frustrating especially when you start to feel a bit better.

    Thinking of you

    Sue x

  • So sorry to hear this.... Hopefully it is just a sign you have worked too hard. And time to rest a bit. Thinking of you xx

  • Hugs,get well soon

  • Sending you my get well soon wishes, love & hugs

    Laura, Amy's mum

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