Just wanted to share that i have now received my 'fit to practice' yay which means i can go on placement. I'm a trainee counsellor.

Also i have done all my neurological tests now, they were hard! So waiting for my results to come back, they said 6weeks... it's 4 so far.

I find myself thinking about the results, what if this and that but trying to stay patient till i get them. I really want them now.

Anyway i just wanted to say hello and share an update on me. It's strange but it's like i have to do this to remind myself this forum is still here... x

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  • If you forget about the forum at times, it just shows what wonderful progress you are making. Well done!

  • Hi skdk8 thats brilliant news you should be very proud of yourself. I can understand your frustration when there's a waiting time for any results. You can drive yourself mad, is going to be good or will it be bad. I use to be like that, now I just think if its out of my hands, I can't do anything about so I'll wait till I know and then I'll deal with it, it might help.

    I've found the great thing about this forum is there is always someone around to chat to :-)


  • So pleased for you, good luck with the results and your placement I'm sure your be great x

  • Congratulations so far, and fingers crossed for the final outcome.

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