Post traumatic headaches

Hello never posted before so thought I'd give it s try. I suffered a tbi in 2001 when I was 15, received barely any help and now suffer from post traumatic headaches to which no one medically want to help me with. I just wanted to know if anyone else suffers from post traumatic headaches and what help they received and how they cope, I've tried lots and sometimes feel it's just to much to cope with.

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  • Oh how I know about the headaches! I had a SBH 22 years ago. In the first two years I had a constant headache including headaches which woke me up in the night. I couldn't wait to take my next lot of paracetamol. I finally decided they weren't helping and to be honest I think I may have been addicted to them in the end. These days I only take them if I absolutely cannot stand it anymore. I try to drink lots of water which helps.

    Try to share your worries on here, it helps. Xx

  • I was involved in a RTA almost 20 years ago. I suffer(ed) with severe headaches & it was not until a couple of years/tests/MRIs etc later that the Dr's told me that I have a skull fracture. I have pain killers & need to remember to drink alot water - I am very forgetful & would much rather drink coffee, which really does not help.

    Hope you get to the bottom of the cause & find a solution.

  • My daughter found Acupressure to be the most effective, painful but would seem to release your endorphins and stimulate their continued release

  • Thank you for your responses, I do try drink a lot of water and have cut out caffeine. Painkillers don't touch the pain and my last neurologist told me it would just make my headaches worse, I've tried acupuncture and have seen a crainopath I practice mindfulness but when the pains that bad it doesn't help. I have heard a acupressure, is it when you maggase accupunture points . I have no hope of further tests just don't know which direction to take next

  • Hi Valerie and welcome.

    Try keeping a diary single words are useful like work cleaning shopping and use a different colour for headaches.

    This will help you work out if there are any triggers.

    You could download the leaflets from Headway about coping.

    As has been said caffeine is very bad and staying well hydrated is very good.

    Love n hugs


  • Same thing 50 years ago .... absolute problem but eventually settled down. Take faith that you will slowly get better.

  • Hi Valerie,

    I was prescribed Nortriptyline 20 mgs for post sah crippling headaches, which were very effective if your life is blighted by them. I took them short-term and they also induced a good night sleep! I do still suffer headaches when I'm dehydrated, have overdone it or if barometric pressure's low.

    I wouldn't be happy, and neither should you, if my gp dismissed any chronic pain issues! I do think it warrants further investigations as well. Make an appointment to see someone who's more sympathetic and interested in referring you to see a Neurologist. A tbi can return to bite you on the proverbial if you haven't been taking care of yourself.

  • Hello, i'm not sure if you have seen any of my posts but sounds like i'm in a similar position to you. I had my tbi in 1999 when i was 14, i'm only now going through the journey of acknowledging it and seeking medication for pain as i get post traumatic migraines, i'm also going to the walton centre tomorrow for a neuro appointment. I received no help after my accident and it was very much pushed away because i seemed okay.. Feel free to message me if you would like to talk more x

  • Thank you all for your replys makes me feel better. To answer comments: I have been tracking my headaches for the past few months and there very erratic. I have so may triggers I won't list them main ones being stress, light and sound, I've seen nearly ever doctor at my surgery but even the one I'm seeing now who wants to help me finds it differcult to offer me anything. I find it most differcult as I look ' normal' . Any other suggestions would be great

  • Hi Sorry to hear this.

    Sometimes reducing the underlying stress to the nerves caused by the constant intrusion of headaches can assist better quality sleep and over a month or so the headaches start to ease as the body ability to cope with the problem improves. You might try these types of meditations to achieve this. Simply listen via headphones, the brain wave frequency is different in each ear helping the brain to balance both sides and settle its vibration to a single frequency, resulting in ease, best of luck (try each night before sleep and after a restful bath. Soaking 20 minutes in epsom salts nourishes the nerve each night so they have the tools to repair and rebuild whilst you sleep/rest)

  • Thank you I will try this

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