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Hypoxic brain injury following cardiac arrest

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience he would like to share with medical treatment for limb contractures. Mom's spasm seems to be getting worse but the caring team's approach is to do physio and casts as they claim no significant control is gained with meds as it isn't a spinal injury. She was getting a fentanyl patch which helped with the spasm but obviously was doped and sleepy cause of it so we asked them to take her off also, was wondering whether worsening contractions are a signs of things going the wrong way? It's only been 3 months since the injury. Thanks!

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They may well be right, symptoms can manifest them selfs as time goes on, I don't spasm but I get twitches and such if tired which only came on few months after.

Three months is still really very early days, may be wise to voice your concerns? With the doctors to get a explanation?


heya has moms spasms been given a name as in my partner has the same and he has ataxia where the spasms can get bad, physios really dont do much i massage the limbs a few times a day and try and keep them mobile if hands u can buy a cheap grip or a squeezy ball, its not a sign of going backwards 3 months is a very short time within a brain inury.


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