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Hypoxic brain injury

My father is suffering from hypoxic brain injury, he is in unconscious state for last two months.

1. What can we do to revive him, any alternative medicine , which has worked to give some recovery atleast to see and recognize people around? Accupunture/ Accupressure?

2. Lately he has started to develop myclonic jerks. He is being given Valparin (Sodium Valproate) once everyday. Anything else can be done?

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The only person who can discuss your father's medication and what his needs are is his consultant.

I know that recovery from this condition is a lengthy process and it's understandable that loved ones can become anxious and impatient when there's no noticeable progress. But there might well be internal healing going on which, however slow, is a good thing for you to keep remembering and hang on to.

Talk to him constantly about anything familiar, whilst maintaining physical contact to reassure and stimulate him : it's all about patience in the first months.

I hope you will see some positive developments very soon NeXgeN. Be sure to find time for your own rest and nourishment as you may need extra strength for your father's care further down the line.

Sincere best wishes, Cat x


A small post-script. My niece was in a coma for several months after a serious head injury and her father sat talking to her every evening. One time he played her favourite song on an mp3 player (on low volume) and her eyes flickered for the first time. Several days later, after repeated playings and signs of response, she regained consciousness.

You might have already tried this but, if not, it's worth trying ??


Thanks cat3 , that was quite reassuring.

Yes we do play his favourite songs and talk to him as much as possible. Will hope for the best.


I have a hypoxic inuury... It's def possible for him to wake. Keep trying!


Thanks Negeen. Wish you complete speedy recovery !


Don't know if what I read on net is true but maybe Sodium Valproate not ideal? Try searching it? Quiz the doctors you see for info and evidence and why being used?


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