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This might be a daft question, but does anyone else have an overwhelming feeling come over them all of a sudden at night. A mixture of feelings of feeling low, isolated, lonely. I do get this at night, I guess I can always keep myself occupied during the day. I don't think the issue of feeling alone is ever necessarily addressed. I guess that's because my partner struggles to talk or keep me company. When I do either sit down with him or call him in to me, I always say because his attention span is short, that he is on an elastic band and any minute its going to pull him out the room. I just have to live with it and get use to it. Which is not easy as my health has made me housebound, and the only person I see is my partner. But I've now got to kick myself up the backside (not literally as my legs can't manage that, but hey ho). I have to tell myself off and try and be positive and lift myself up :-)

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  • Hi Angelfish although haven't experienced it too much lately i do on occasions get an overwhelming/foreboding feeling during the night when i'm sleeping. I can sleep for England and whilst i know i'm aware of it, it doesn't actually wake me up. I would say 95% of the time this overwhelmed feeling seems to go hand in hand with feeling fatigued - i find its a dreadful combination to cope with :-( but it does lessen with time.

    Rachel x

  • Hi Rachel that doesn't sound good, i was told that our sub conscious tries to make sense of things whilst in asleep. My sleep can be up and down, I hate it when I have a day where I just keep sleeping, and when I wake up I don't feel any better for it, that horrible groggy feeling. The feelings I have my therapist would probably tell me its part of the grief. I had a tbi after struggling with two neuro conditions that have made me become disabled, so I'm trying to get my head around everything.

    Angie x

  • Hi Angie on the whole I've had a really good recovery, however it's not nice having this overwhelming feeling whilst sleeping and i find i don't feel particularly rested when i wake up. I try not to get hung up over it and just be accepting that it sometimes happens. It doesn't help stressing about it so i don't. Everyone's situation is different but i hope it lessens for you too. X

  • You are right we are all different in what we are coping with and what levels of recovery we have. But one thing we all seem to have had at some stage is a feeling of isolation and feeling that we were the only ones dealing with the symptoms. But its not until we come onto this forum do we then realise we're not on our own and reassured that others have he same issues. For me that has meant a lot x

  • I totally agree and on a stroke site i go on we tell all the new people that no two strokes and recoveries are the same. Obviously on here the reason for people's brain injuries are vast but it's true what you say about all having the same symptoms of varying degrees. Its so good to be in a place where people understand and I've found more help on here about one of the effects which seems to plague me - noise intolerance. I rang Headway support line this morning to ask some advice and the lady was so lovely and helpful and i've now booked an appointment with my GP to get referred to an audiologist. :-) Wish i'd done it a lot sooner. Been lovely chatting with you Angie x

  • That's great news Rachel, I really hope you get something sorted out. Its been lovely chatting with you too, I hope to speak to you again :-)

  • Personally speaking, I get a lot of encouragement from reading inspirational stuff, especially Scripture and biographies of people whose faith has helped them overcome the odds. Also, uplifting music that you could listen to through earphones can be very soothing at night.

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