Away on Holiday

Hi everyone

I haven't been putting much on here lately, as I've been quite occupied with all my Voluntary Work, but I am now off on Holiday to South Africa to visit my son's!

I managed to do the coach and airport without assistance so feel good about that. I have got very Fatigued though, with he flight over, and lack of sleep.

Hope to have a relaxing day today!

I'll be a bit spasmodic with any replies, as I have to rely on being on my son's wifi!

Cheers for now!


6 Replies

  • Have a fab time - I loved Cape Town when I was there as my first trip post BI. Which part will you be in ?

    Enjoy !

  • I'm in Durban! Very hot here at the moment!


  • Have a wonderful time .

    Love n hugs


  • A well earned break Debs, enjoy ! x

  • Have a lovely holiday with your family Debs. xx

  • Thanks everyone! Xx

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