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New to this so please be patient

I had a TBI as a result of a car accident in Feb 2012. I am left with double vision, nerve damage and weakness on the right hand side of my body, some memory problems and some personality changes. I am still getting use to the 'new me'. I think I like her though, I am more outspoken and confident on the whole. Sometimes though I just feel sad and lonely.

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we can all relate to everything you have said

so welcome, there is plenty of good support here

and whatever issues you have there is bound to be someone who has gone through the same thing or similar .


zoe, can I suggest you read my blog, just above yours.

Welcome, you are among friends. cat x :-)


the injuries you describe was or are a lot like mine (but i did it on a motorbike) , welcome to the community Zoe ! we don't bite much ! take care



Hi and welcome :)

It took me about 4 years to get use to and like the new me (first 2 years I was.......... Lights on, nobody home)

Once I started to like me, my new life started to take shape.

Some six years in and I/we do things we would never have thought of. One of the many simple things is I am home when hubby gets in from work and we have a beer/glass of wine and talk about our day..... This just didn't happen in our old life............

Lonely and sad........ I still feel those things, but thankfully not as often.

If you need someone to talk to .........The headway Free helpline 0808 800 2244 are extremely helpful and supportive.

Goodluck with your ongoing recovery :)


Welcome, this is palace of refuge and friendship, I'm sure you will find it rewarding and helpful, just remember to take things at your own pace and I'm confident you will progress


hi Zoe My OH had TBI due to an RTA a month after you so know the journey you are on! You sound positive which is a brilliant asset to have and best of luck on the road to recovery! x


Welcome. We are all like minded souls and have all experienced what you are finding strange. I am a big man and used to be able to look after myself. The coward that hit me from behind knew this and acted in his way. I awoke in hospital and had to be re-introduced to my parents and my girlfriend. They all looked familiar but I didn't know where from.

So you will find easy empathy here and can pick up tips from others who can help you progress.


Thank you all so much, so nice to chat to similar people!


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