Hi guys

Hi guys

Hi I'm Sean, I have had head injuries in the past, fractured skull twice as a child, march 2009 whilst living in Lompoc California I was hit by a car and released the same day, then the next day thought I was home in England and i couldn't remember who anyone was, i was taken to the hospital and told i had a brain bleed so I was rushed to Santa Barbra hospital and I was put in ICU, I vaguely remember a priest being at my bedside giving the last rights, then apparently during the night I flat lined and was gone for four minutes, I woke the evening and they told me what had happened, then March 2010 I was brutally attacked from behind and hit in the face with a metal tool box which resulted in another head injury and loss of teeth, I live with my partner and suffer mood swings ( none violent ) memory loss, confusion, inability to communicate the right words I have hand tremors and more on top, she tries her best to help but at times my brain just doesn't click into gear, and so she suffers too, I'm currently awaiting an appointment with a place in Derby

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  • Welcome to the forum Sean. Sounds like you've been through an awful lot! Hope the waiting list isn't too long!

  • Thanks Barney yeah me too, I've been given tablets to help with things but all I can do is wait really and see where it goes

  • Hi Sean and welcome. Were your attackers prosecuted for what they did to you ?...........I hope so.

    I know how powerful the mood swings can be, but please take yourself off into another room rather than taking things out on your partner ; it's what ( I've learned ) is the surest way to diffuse the tension.

    I hope you get help soon. Cat ;-)

  • Hi cat, thank you for getting in touch, yeah one was put away his name was Carl Lintern, he got out two years later, the other was given a tag, the one on tag later went on to murder his wife three years later, his name was Alan Baker, I do go to another room and then we talk and make up, we both know how hard it is, and I hope so too

  • This sounds horrible. How about trying a new diet? Tina M Sullivan 'Nourish your Noggin' to accompany Dr Diane's book on post concussion syndrome (See drdiane.com ) The number of times I mention the book here headway members will think I am on commission :-) No, I've used it for my mum. Lovely recipes, very healthy and you can have dark chocolate too! See if you and your partner can make some together? Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks Jayne, I'll have a look and see what its like

  • Hi Sean

    I was only saying to someone today.. why is it multiple nasty things happen to some people. Life is so very cruel at times.

    I do hope you are managing to spend some quality quiet times with your wife. My local Headway suggested taking it in turns to organise date nights once in a while.

    All the best x Dani

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