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Hi everyone i have been following this forum for about the last month and have found it really useful ,my story started at the beginning of May when I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage while trying a new horse ( I was only walking I'd only just got on ) this happened out of the blue with no warnings at all and was a total shock.things like this only happen in magazines like take a break etc,

I don't really remember much from arriving at hospital etc but I had coils fitted and was in the hospital for 3 weeks since coming out I've turned into an internet troll reading what I can ,I've realised how lucky I've been I'm only suffering headaches and a small amount of memory loss I get tired easily it's the emotional rollercoaster and the tears that I've struggled with the most it's not like me at all but I've been told that's normal. I had my 3 month check up and was told I have 2 more anyerisms but they are so small they didn't even measure them and I'd probably had them all my adult life ,this gave me a bit of a meltdown but I'm coming to terms with that now but it is always in the back of my mind I still can't drive until November but that's a small price to pay I've the OK to ride though so I've put an offer in on the horse I was trying at the time and it's been accepted so I can at least start to get my life back on track. Still not working due to not being able to drive but hey the weather is nice so every cloud as they say ,

It's nice to know you're not alone and people are there to listen (or read) I keep getting told how well I look and I feel I do but they don't see the ups and downs that go on in your head or the uncontrollable emotions that sometimes hit you when least expected.

Thanks for reading


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Hi, depending on what your job is, not being able to drive may not stop you. I went back to work on a phased return 2months after my stay in hospital for my cvst. I was entitled to claim for taxis to and from work as bus services in rural areas very sporadic. Worth looking into as I know for me , getting back into some sort of routine was important.

Good luck!☺

Tray101 in reply to moo196

I know I'd love to go back but I'm an area sales manager and I cover a large area of the country visiting customers so it's not practical until I can drive I can't work from the office because that's in Kent and I live in the midlands so I'm stuck with it till November

moo196 in reply to Tray101

Yes, that would be difficult by taxi !!

I was also needing to get money coming in at the time as company only paid me for two weeks and wasn't entitled to anything else....

Ouch that would be painful ,I'm fairly lucky I'm paid for 60 days but I'm owed 20 days holiday so I'm going to struggle for 2 months out of the six staturary sick pay is rubbish how can anyone live on that .....

louisele50 in reply to Tray101

I know!! I've run out of my sick pay and now on statutory sick pay! Can only do a month then I be forced to go back to work again, which I did the first time and ended up in hospital.

Tray101 in reply to louisele50

I was gob smacked when I knew how much it was it doesn't even cover shopping for a week lol never mind bills !!


I'm a fellow horse accident! Take it easy when you do go back to work. I initially went back after 2 months, struggled for 2 months, then was off again for another 2 months. I then had a long phased return and eventually settled for working 4 days. Hopefully work will let you return at a pace suitable for you, it was the expected week on week increase in hours that floored me.


Tray101 in reply to suemoff

Hi Sue ,nice to hear there are other horse addicts on here!! so far work have been really good, when I go back in November it is the quietest time of year so hopefully by January I hope I'm up to speed or somewhere near they are aware of what's happened and the implications and so far have been understanding ! I'm spending time getting my strength back up and my staminer and I'm feeling better and fitter week by week but as I learned early on I'm listening to my body and when it says rest I rest lol! horse being vetted Thursday so fingers crossed

suemoff in reply to Tray101

Yep, fingers crossed. I'm still not good at listening to my body and still push it too much and get over tired.


Tray101 in reply to suemoff

I've found that I get tired but don't sleep very well and haven't since I came home but just sitting doing nothing seems to help ! I'm adveraging about 3 to 4 hours continuous sleep then I'm just dozing but I don't sleep at all in the day even if I'm exhausted but I'm told this is all normal and part of the recovery.

suemoff in reply to Tray101

I still don't sleep too well, but keep trying different things.

Hi, had my SHA in 1998 at the age of 32.

Mine was also out of the blue.

I'm no longer able too work & drive anymore but that's a small price to pay.

Please let me know if I can offer you some help & support.


Tray101 in reply to Steve49

Thanks Steve

No probs !!!

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