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I thought this was a fitting end, a worthy retirement of my film project on this forum. I've noted a steady decline in interest and that's fine. The Facebook page where I'll continue to post is still gaining momentum so I'm not failing on all fronts, so that's good.

Thanks for watching folks, that's all. (Please forgive the crappy camera work)


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Well I shal continue to be an avid viewer on face book. I should juts share with you an amusing incident that nearly happened there now / well I don't know if it counts as an incident as it didn't actually happen ha ha lol. I had just shared some news via text with some friends - I copied and pasted the message as it had to go to several people. When I replied to your post, I accidentally pressed on the screen too hard and it pasted 'what a relief' riht after my reply above - Glad I noticed! I wish you all the success with your Facebook page - good luck Baron and Baroness :)

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BaronC in reply to Elenor3

Aww, thanks, Elenor! I'll keep plugging away...

Andy & the Baroness :)

I loved the 'Baron' series ; are there any more historical adventures you could take us on around Lincoln ? E x

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BaronC in reply to cat3

Next year, watch this space...

Mr Baron

You will still stay with us h=ear will you not?

I love you vids, they are 'real' and not like most others that make me turn off.

I sometimes miss 'seeing' the link you send me because there is no picture/logo next to it.

Much affection



Oh yeah, I'll still be around, lurking...

excellent Baron C mate - you would be a miss.

(Miss Baron - that sounds wrong)



Tha'ts such a shame. I'm not on facebook so i will miss the vids.

Appreciate all you have done BaronC.. Onward and upward for you i hope.

All good wishes

Nan xxx

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BaronC in reply to TiredNan

If you have an e.mail address, message me it on here and I'll e.mail each time I make one :)


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TiredNan in reply to BaronC

That's really good of you, will do.


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BaronC in reply to TiredNan

Or, if you go on Youtube, I'm there as 'Andy Nicholson'

well what can I say, am I happy, in my own way yes if I could go back in time to the day of my vaccination and change it I cannot answer that one but it certainly changed my life sometime for better or worse I too wake up everyday feeling ill some days worse than others, so barron I know as many others on this platform how you feel , life on a knife edge that is the way I would describe it, you say you have a cat this could be the cause of your asthma it is the saliva on the fur that dries to a fine powder that triggers asthma in fact any pet you have is not good, get a dyson vac that should help and do not let the cat sit on your lap , a total spring clean of house will help and spry mattress with dust mite killer, I know what I am talking about having spent over 20 years in the cleaning industry, thank you for the video

take care pal

john xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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BaronC in reply to spartan300

No cat allergy here, I've been tested many times over the years and I'm allergic to nothing thus far, cats included. I have a Dyson too :)


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SAMBS in reply to BaronC

Andy Have you thought it might be a reaction to cows milk. I've only recently changed to Lactose free. It seems to help with breathing and putting a little more strength back in my hands, which, when the joints are painful means I can't do anything. I also stopped all meds in 2015 except my Levo including the blood thinner, which my new GP here actually agreed with to my amazement.

My continued health history research and practical experience (we know how our own bodies FEEL on a daily basis) has also taught me a lot - my 'worst pain days' usually happen when I've take my thyroid Med for 3/4 days in a row - today I haven't taken it, having woken up in sheer agony and the single Disprin I only take as and when essential, kicked in totally within a couple of hours, I'd had to go to meet someone and apart from the wobbly walk, got back home painfree! Yes I was also happy with that :-)

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BaronC in reply to SAMBS

I don't drink milk, never have. I hate it, makes me gag :(

it is not that you are allergic the dried saliva is a irritant when inhaled, any idea what set asthma off

a friend has got copd despite never smoked or worked in industry

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BaronC in reply to spartan300

I smoked for many years but quit 17 years ago. I've had mild asthma for years but it worsened this year, sadly

Bloody good for you, just don't mention calgon! :-) I completely agree that people just don't get how tough it is.

Sue x

If you are happy that is all that matters. Someone who doesn't even know you makes a comment like that, shrug it off. Don't let others opinions of you get you riled up. Ignore them and enjoy every second of your life. Cheers!

Hi Andy - what a lovely inspiring video - yep you got it - I had long ago concluded my bI was fate. I can say been there, done that to the places you mentioned. Also to the waking up and feeling like s***t, with the bone and joint pain every morning I have. We all have our different or otherwise health issues I expect on top of our BI's, but like you I'm happy to know I'm still alive, and face every day, what ever it will bring, including the painkillers.

I also love your artistry with the video - as you say ONWARDS :-) :-) because I was also in Tunisia, several years ago, your mention of it brought back happy memories.

That's the things with tackling new things, talking to new people about places they come from or have been, as I have, now I'm back here, the places they mention do bring good memories back of times past - tomorrow I'll not recognise them or forget their name if they told me. None of that matters though because we are all ships that pass in the night, sas my lovely grandmother used to say. Have a good and happy weekend, to which I add, staying afloat till we reach our destination.

Thought it was me getting old. Hip pain and walking round like an 80 year old - especially first thing in the morning. Now that I think about it does seem to be since my SAH.

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