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Anything is Still Possible

Four years after an RTA, coma for 4 weeks had to learn everything again like a baby to a toddler to adolescence in a matter of months, I literally couldn't read!

I was two years into a BSc Degree and on a intercalation year at the time, thought that I would never in my wildest dreams return but someone told me it was possible and that's all I needed!

This year I Graduate!!! (although Covid has postponed the celebration) woohoo!

The third year took three years, two years part-time and a year off in the middle.

It was only possible with all the support that I had from so so many people, the university, neuro-rehab team, OT, headway and especially my long suffering girlfriend (that's another story)

It was extremely hard and challenging.


love and respect x

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What an incredible journey you have had, congratulations on your degree and everything you have achieved in the last 4 years,


Massive congratulations!!!! Thank you for a great positive story. 😀🌸

Dear Driad,

Great news- Well Done indeed!

Not my business but 'Long Suffering Girlfriend'..... possible Wife?💘

Best Wishes, from us all.


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Well Andrew, Even better than married, we live together in our paradise and decide each day to be together forever! 😍 sickening isn't it 🤢but its been a soap opera plot to get here!

Great story Driad… well done ! x

Well done for the achievement and perseverance


Absolute legend. So many setbacks I am sure, we can all take strength and positivity from your inspiring long term view and resilience. Well done 💪

Thanks to you all for responding to my little success 🤗 my story came from many little miraculous moments,due to the extent of my injuries I shouldn't even be here let alone walking etc!

I still suffer daily from Chronic Fatigue, Intractable pain and Depression and then there's the cognition, memory and mood problems. With which we all share the common bond of some of the above.

I lowered my expectations to meet simple daily goals and I have to admit that I'm graduating without the Honours (couldn't even start on the 10,000 word dissertation 🙄) and had to have extension after extension but I didn't just pass...somehow I managed a 2.2!

It showed me that I still have some intelligence despite my struggle to elucidate or perform as I did.

All this and I still can't work! Especially in my role as a Woodsman and Outdoorsman.

But...we all have had to/will have to accept that we are not the person we were, make it a positive new you, rebuild anew. Its hard but doesn't that mean its the most rewarding 😁

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we are all connected x

Congratulations on making it back. After my Traumatic Brain Injuy, it took me longer than I thought it would.

Excellent, well done!

I used to be a university lecturer, but I had to take 18 months off on sick leave after my accident. Unfortunately, although I went back, and spent ten years back there, unfortunately they closed my department down a couple of years ago. I changed careers, and moved into administration, but I am now working at a university, as a 'Teaching and Learning Administrator' (but almost as soon as I started my new job, they had to send us to work-at-home, because of Covid!).


Went through the same thing Driad. One month in a coma. The amount of work you have to do to get back after is crazy. I had to learn to talk, walk the lot. But when you achieve it, well, there is nothing like the feeling.

Congrats. Screw Coronavirus. You succeeded already. Well done.

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