Sick of being sick

not been on as between iron transfusions,hospital an flu had very ;little time to breathe never mind post.Was trying to get the help,an advocates,to help me come to terms with bleeds permenant damage but im always ill,so don't get no were bloody frustrating,going around in circles,,Anyway keep attempting may get to the conclusion,soon or go in circles,watever life's way

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  • It's only time which heals a damaged brain Jacs. We can help ourselves with healthy foods, exercise and plenty of rest but the healing won't be rushed.

    Most of us have known that feeling of going round in circles and getting nowhere but, as we slowly adapt to our difficulties over the months & years, life does become more manageable.

    It's 5 years for me now and life, with all its imperfections, is as good as it'll ever be, and it's pretty much ok. I hope you'll find some comfort in time m'dear ; you've had a rough deal.

    Cat x

  • I just wish I knew what I was facing,level of damage but most of all a person who understands me .As everyone always seems to speak to others or for others but I aint got that luxury,so most of time talked about not too uno thanks cat

  • Jacs, have you ever thought of phoning the Headway helpline to see if they can arrange any sort of advocacy ?

  • Going try them again because im in Liverpool its a small branch.Also tried going through the brain charity as apparently there have specialists there,but not been on because I was rushed by gp;last week to hospital.He thought I had Septis;

  • just taking care of things that our hitting me an don't get chance for anything else like going around in circles an hospital you favourite place LOL .wish the merry go round would stop so I can do phoning,getting help,instead of being treated for either chest bloods body falling apart.

  • Hi jacs

    Sorry i havent been on the site here as stuff going on myself.

    just wanted to say thinking of you and things will eventually start to get a bit easier I promise. sometimes though i know it seems to go on forever.

    As Cat says, you have been through some awful stuff and be proud of yourself for fighting through it all.

    hey so sorry you have been in hospital... sending you lots of safe hugs and best wishes. take care hun.


    Nan xxx

  • itsa you go so far an then you miss phone calls cox your in hospital never ending circle hoping to get off soon

  • Hey there, hope you are off the roundabout soon as well and that the year is a better one for you. Will always look out for your post s, thinking of you and wishing for better times .


    Nan xxx

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