Sleep trouble!! Help?

Hi recently posted about post concussion. One of my main issues is insomnia. Doctors have prescribed temporary sleeping tablets, but I don't want to rely on these. Without a sleeping tablet, I don't sleep more than an hour of broken sleep! And my symptoms are far worse without sleep. Can anyone recommend or suggest ideas to help with this? I have tried relaxation techniques without success. Thanks guys.

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  • My sleep pattern got broken along with my brain and I still struggle with this...I tried all the usual "cures" food or drink or electronics after a certain time, establishing a pre bedtime routine, optimum room temperature, suitable nightwear etc etc...and absolutely nothing made any difference. I tried no noise, white noise, music and nothing seemed to really help.

    Ten years later my sleep is still broken but in my waking hours I find if I rest in bed and just breathe, I am actually resting and that helps. Every now and again my brain will shut down and I will sleep like I am dead...nothing will wake me before I am ready to wake...but when I do wake it like I had a total system reboot.

    it is not an answer (and I suspect definitely not the one you were hoping for) but it is what I live with... I hope you find something that works for you... the one I thing I found that definitely made it worse was stressing about not I try not to do that.

    Good Luck in your quest

  • Bless you, so sorry to hear, 10 years sounds so awful! Have you tried any medicines?

    Stressing about not sleeping - you are so right!! Will speak with my doctor next week.

    Thanks for your reply :)

  • It's all part of the new life and I am used to it and all the other little gifts TBI brought ;)

    Meds...Not a fan ...Did try but ended up feeling drugged...And still no quality sleep just a restless stupor. I was so out of it during the day that I gave up meds as a bad job.. ..But we are all different and sometimes just breaking the cycle is enough to allow things to settle...So maybe consider try IMG meds and see if they help

  • What are IMG meds? I haven't heard of those before. I have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday, so hoping he can help.

  • OOPS! So sorry that was a typo and should have read "trying meds" and NOT try IMG meds

    Hope I didn't get your hopes up ;)

    Good Luck with your appointment

  • Hi I have had pcs for 18 months. I find it I sleep in the afternoon for 30 minutes up to 2 hours I can sleep at night. If I fight it which I did for a long time, I find I can't settle then I'm waking up all night strange as it seems but it works for me. Only thing I can think of my brain has had chance to unwind. Good luck try it you might find it works for you.

  • Acupuncture has been an ongoing help, including sleep. I have some awesome sleep experiences during my acupuncture treatments too.

  • Could you explain more about how it helps you? Sounds interesting.

  • Best I can explain- it seems to relax and calm me down. My body systems seem to work more smoothly. Here is a very basic explanation of acupuncture - our bodies run on energy. The Chinese identified the energy fields in our bodies and labeled them as meridians. Acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years, way before modern medicine started up. When our energy is not flowing correctly we can experience health problems. The Chinese found by inserting hair size needles in certain points along the meridians it balances the energy flows in our bodies producing improved health. The imbalances are determined using our pulses, the look of our tongue, physical examination, and the person telling the health problems they are experiencing. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Lynsey,

    I basically don't trust/believe in doctors. Sleeping tablets won't do much at all.

    I used to have sleeping trouble, wake up at silly o'clock and could not get back to sleep.

    I've changed my way of life now, I'm more of a naturalist. I use more essential oils now and Lavender is a great one for sleep.

  • I feel the same! What has helped you to sleep better?

    Takes me forever to fall asleep. And then I'm awake within 30 mins with strange sensations in my head, can sometimes make me jolt! Then getting off again takes hours, only for the same thing to happen again. The sleeping tabs are the only thing which have helped me sleep longer, but I really don't want to be taking these 😩

  • Sounds like sleep problems are much worse for you, sorry to hear it. Must be a right bugger :).

    A few years ago when I first started reading more about essential oils, the first oil I read about was Frankincense as it is very good for the brain.

    I think Frankincense in itself can aid with sleep, I have read before how it is calming.

    That is when I started reading more into essential oils and different scents.

    My mum swears by Lavender. Even before I started looking into it more, my mum would say how Lavender would knock her out and send her to sleep and she also has a bad back and gets aches and pains at times so she rubs Lavender on the sore spot before bed and by morning the soreness has gone!

    She uses Lavender massage oil but you can also use essential oil.

    I have a diffuser and I put 2-4 drops of Lavender in that at night and it helps me sleep.

    Plus I think having a more cleaner diet helps with sleep as well. I used to have an awful diet. Mainly sugary foods. Very acidic diet.

  • I take 5HTP sleep aid which has magnesium in it and it's meant to boost melatonin. Also Valerian Root pills for when I really can't sleep.

    I am given Diazepam by my psychiatrist, but I don't like taking it because the side effects worsen my confusion and memory problems.

    TBI induced insomnia is hell, you have my sympathy. I have no body-clock.

  • What is 5htp sleep aid? I haven't heard of that?

    It is so awful, I'm trying everything I can, without a decent nights sleep, the next day is a miserable one, terrible headaches and just feeling completely lousy.

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