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Fatigue after head injury


Hello. A family member had a very serious head injury in 2005. She was a teenager at the time. She still feels very tired alot of the time and still gets headaches. Is this common after all this time? Has anyone else had the same experience and if so, how do they cope please. Thank you x

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I am almost 53. I had obtained my brain injury in 1986 in a Road Traffic Accident when I was 19. I still get migraines from time to time and I can also feel exhausted in a way that other people just don't seem to. However this happened less and less over the years, perhaps my brain recovered, but possible because I learned what my triggers were for headaches and how best avoid them and I learned to pace myself better too. I don't even think this was something I did deliberately, it just sort of developed over time. I really don't know how much is down to brain recovery and how much down to life changes and awareness of self and your own needs, but things do seem to improve with time , in my own experience

Thank you very much. This is really helpful. I think she needs to learn to pace herself a little more and not burn herself out. It's hard when you are only 30 and want a busy career. At least you understand the fatigue 👍🏻👍🏻

Yes. I have been there too. I also had my daughter though too. I always had a lot of people around me to help including my daughters father initially, my long term partner and my mum and other family members. It is important to have a good support network around you. I hope you do too. There was a period later down the line when I became a little isolated due to personal circumstances. Sadly I did not manage well, but I did ask for help and I felt this was important. Asking for help when I needed it actually resulted in a positive outcome too. The main thing to remember is primarily take care of yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it and take some time out if you need it and this is possible. You are no good to others if you are drowning yourself! Then, my in my experience all will sort of work itself out in the end. That's my experience anyway. I hope it is of help. My daughter incidentally has now left the nest and is happily married

Can I also ask if you suffered with long term blurred vision when you were tired?

I have blurred vision but actually I thought it was a side effect of my medication , not the brain injury itself

My daughter doesn't take medication

I had a brain tumour removed in 2006. I've had numerous shunt revisions in between after they keep failing on me. Even after all this time I still feel myself getting tired in the afternoon......

Thank you, that is very helpful. When you don't know anyone in the same position you wonder if you are the only one

Hiya, as I constantly say on here when someone mentions fatigue, have a look at my profile, particularly the topic on the 20 minute nap - it makes such a difference & if I hadn't come across it, I would have been walking around like a zombie for the last 26 years.

Hello I had a brain haemorrhage in 2006 when I was 21 I am now 34 I still get a lot of fatigue and headaches from time to time I think it’s quite common to still experience these symptoms

Many years later I still have terrible fatigue, also headaches though these aren't quite so bad most of the time now. Wishing you and your daughter all the best.

Fatigue can be a symptom of pituitary damage after head injury, and can be treated by replacing whichever hormone has been affected. See 'hormonal imbalances' on the Headway website. headway.org.uk/media/7600/t... and headway.org.uk/media/2803/h...

You have to be very persistent and knowledgeable to get tested properly for hypopituitarism, so my advice is to do a lot of reading - or get a family member to - before approaching your GP. Treatment can really help.

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