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My dad is suffering with a hyproxic brain injury due to an incident where he was without oxygen for up to 30 mins. At the beginning we were told there was little to no chance of him being anything other than in a vegative state, when the machines were turned off they were shocked when he started responding, they soon after put the feeding tubes back in. The incident happened on the 11th Sept 2016, and my dad can now walk with some assistance, he shaves and feeds himself, he can recognise everyone and still has his same humor. He can also talk but he usually mimes as he says it tires him out. The nurses don't seem to be seeing what my family are seeing,as they don't know him like we do. Has anyone had similar experience and can give me some possible outcomes?

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Hi JD and welcome.

You say that the nursing staff don't seem to see the amazing progress your dad has made.

You could try keeping a diary and use it to mark each little bit of progress your dad makes. Also note in it that your dad mimes more than talks.

It is absolutely exhausting when you have a bi trying to do things that you didn't have to think about before.

Love n hugs



Thankyou for your response x


Hi there. If you look back on posts from a few days ago, clgn83 had an almost identical question to this. Read the replies that post received which I am sure will be of great comfort to you.

I could say.... been there, done that! My story is similar to yours. My husband was given the same sort of outcome as you have received for your dad. Since then he has held down a job, run a business, lived a relatively normal life. Never give up.


That is really amazing! Thankyou


For your dad to be making such progress in 4 months, after such a poor prognosis is amazing. So if he can achieve so much in such a short time, anything's possible.

Recovery from brain injury is a long, slow process, so keep doing what you're doing in encouraging your dad in his mobility and dexterity ................ and most of all in his humour !

It's great that he can communicate his thoughts ; it's always a relief knowing what's going on in the head of a loved one after a brain injury (especially when it shows their humour is still in tact). Your dad's brain is still working hard to compensate for damaged areas so further progress needs time.............much more time.

All best wishes for his continued recovery. Cat x


Hi, I kept a diary and kept telling the nurses my husband's progress. They didn't think he would recover or could see etc. You just have to make sure you keep telling them x


Also...if you are not happy, ask to speak to someone in charge x


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