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Hi, I woke up in the night because my left hand was very very very hot. Only my left hand. I thought it might be something to do with my circulation so took off my rings and watch. Hand didn't seem to be swollen but frighteningly hot. After some time it just got back to normal temp again. It has happened again since I got up. Anyone have any idea what it is all about. I guess it is my brain getting in a bit of a spin and sending out odd messages but wondered if anyone else has had similar. Thanks Maureen x

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hi maureen since my stroke in 2014 my left side affected side, my hand can be freezing but my wrist can be red hot the doctor has said it is nerve damage hope this is of some help to you

take care peter


Hi Peter,

thanks for your reply. I thought it must be a nerve problem of some sort but it has never happened before and it shook me a bit. Well a lot actually! I had a SAH in March so a few months have gone by now. It is easy to forget how long it takes for the brain to completely mend. Anyway if it happens again I won't panic now.

take care and have a good day

Maureen x


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