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Hand - brain co ordination

hi just wondered if any of you wonderful people can help

I had a head injury in February this year, n have had a stammer, problem solving and slower thinking problems.

But although I have no numb ness in my left hand and I can move it perfectly well, I struggle with simple tasks ie putting cards in envelopes, opening packages etc, it's wierd it's as if my hand has forgot what to do, writing is more difficult too( I am left handed)

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I found doing jigsaw puzzles and painting by numbers helps with those fine motor skills, doesn't cure it but definitely makes them more precise and can be very frustrating when your hand won't obet or makes a sudden exaggerated movement.

I'm doing some jewellery making now, not the first time I've had to pick everything up off the floor! But hey ho great sense of achievement when a piece is finished and ive made some Xmas presents too, bonus.

Good luck Janet x


Hi sdcakt,

I have a slow growing tumour in left medial temporal lobe and suffer with many of the same problems, especially the speach and hand writing.

As Kirk5w7 says, repeatedly doing the fine motor skill thing helps to improve things and with the speech I find trying not to get too frustrated by it, taking a long slow breathe and thinking about what I want to say and saying it slowly, increasing the pauses between the words seems to help me although if I'm tired, stessed or talking to strangers it becomes much more difficult to control.

I just try to look at the funny side of the silly things I do because I've found allowing yourself to get frustrated and angry just makes it worse and becomes a self defeating circle.

Best thing I find is towrite my problems down to take with me to the consultant so if my speech lets me down I can still get my questions and problems across to him and sometimes get answers and tips to help.

If there are any pelling mistakes I apologise, it too is part of what happens, what I see, writre or type isn't always what I get.

Take care



Hi there

I have similar difficulties and explain it as my brain has forgotten where my left leg is etc!

There are lots of exercises that stimulate the 2 hemispheres of the brain to work together. You will find some on line and have probably tried some of them as jokes - rubbing the tummy and patting the head, and clapping and crossing hands to hold your nose and one ear then swop etc.

It may be a different cause for you, but it might be worth giving them a go to see if they help - important to have a sense of humour tho and r'mber that a lot of people who don't have a BI can't do theses exercises! :)


Sorry to butt in but found this bit of info interesting about stimulating the two hemispheres of your brain. I have done the rubbing stomach while patting head manoeuvre before and I am not too bad at doing it really. I rub clockwise with left and pat with right, pretty good. I rub with right clockwise and pat with left, pretty good. and the Same but anti-clockwise. It might take a few seconds to get the rhytmn but I do it. However, I have not heard of this clapping and crossing hands to hold nose and ear one though. So you clap, then cross arms, so my left hand would touch my right ear and right hand would touch my nose, then clap again and swap arms/hands, is that right?


Yep you got it Matt - I can do left hand on nose, right on ear but when I clap and swap I go to both ears and completely miss my entire face let alone my nose! :)


I know what you mean about that. That is a good test for the hemisphere, thanks for enlightening me on that one :). Or should I say "I'm glad I stumbled on this comment" :). Either way, thanks.


Thanks that's really helpful, I too write stuff down to take to my consultant, n doctors as stress makes my speach worse and use less words n spaces, I can't argue as I can't find the words fast enough, very frustrating sometime. The hand thing takes me by surprise as the hands ok on its own, then I try to put a card in an envolopes n just can do it, but don't know why,

Strange things these brains


Since BI I now understand why teenagers say 'whatever' in an argument - it's when they don't know what to say and have been out argued. I feel like saying it at times now! :)

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Oh god Hedgehog, I'm certainly well past the teenage years but, since my BI, 'Whatever' has become my reply of choice to most things. I have to be facing a hefty issue or injustice in order to rise to the occasion these days ! :o


I swear a lot now! :0

My smiley face came out deformed! Where do you get your smileys from Cat? I can only make happy :) or sad :( ones


This made me giggle yep I swear like a sailor now too

How decidedly unladylike :-D


You have a smiley with teeth! How on earth did you do that one?! :o


I have a new smiley how to post :) xx


I'm jealous I want teeth! I also want to know how to do an angry smiley - def need one of those! :-E


Hedgehog, your smiley face won't materialise unless you leave several spaces before and after typing the characters.

This one :-/ is colon, line, forward slash.

This one ;-) is semi-colon, line, closed bracket.

This one :o is colon, lower case o.

No matter how big the spaces you leave either side, they'll automatically close up when you submit the reply. xx 8-)


Thanks Cat this is taxing my brain in its self! Here goes they all look like dots and lines at the moment but hopefully when I send the post they will metamorphose into smileys......




Testing, testing, one two three!

Yay 3 edits later and they are all perfectly formed! Thank you Cat ;-)


Well done girl ! :D

PS the one with the teeth is just - and D but don't forget to leave clear spaces either side, even the margin.


Another edit . . . . . 8-) this one's 8 and - and )


Lol you can tell I don't have a life can't you! :o


Yep. . . . . .you and I both !!

But the one I DO have is made a little brighter by people like you Hedgehog.

Have a good weekend m'dear. :-/ xx


Ah thank you and the same to you and all the other lovely people on here who make me laugh :D

I can now do smileys with teeth :D and glasses 8-) thanks to Emma extending my education in the world of smileys

Probably have forgotten by tomorrow and you will get lots of weird dots and lines instead :o


sdcakt, it really is a matter of practice and adaptation and I'm sure you'll find, with perseverance, that your co-ordination will improve along with some acceptance that things might be done a little differently from now on.

I still get impatient with my clumsiness after 3 years, but try to laugh at myself as much as possible . . . . . . . . . that really helps stop the pattern of frustration from developing.

Best wishes for further recovery. xx


Thanks cat3 I'm sure I ll learn to adapt, it just floors me every time, as I expect to be able to do it, n can understand why I cant. Hubby will have to do xmas cards this year, phew, it has some advantages lol


I also experience similar symptoms I gave slurred speech and a sort of stutter I nearly said scat man ?! Do you remember him from the 90's I think I also am aphasic with speech and writing in that I cannot find the right words!!

Even Siri on my iPhone doesn't understand me

I hope we learn to adapt to these afflictions :)


Welcome to the club! See me shaving - life threatening activity once in a while. I swear a lot too.


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