Very worried

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has had a general anaesthetic, for an operation, after having a sah. I've had four biopsys and yesterday the consultant told me that I've got to go into hospital and have my thyroid removed because of cancer. I am very nervous about having an anaesthetic because last year I had a sah and almost died, so I'm afraid I've got a weakness there. I have told the thyroid consultant about the sah but was wondering if anyone has had surgery and could put my mind at rest! Thanks once again. Judith xx

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  • I did, Judith, I've always had an irrational fear of general anaesthesia, due to being very slightly-built, I was always terrified they'd over-dose me, so all of my previous surgeries were under local anaesthesia, not general.

    I had a SAH as a result of a ruptured aneurysm, while they were 'fixing' that, they found two more aneurysms, and, roughly 12 months after the first, emergency surgery, I had the next-largest aneurysm coiled, under a general anaesthetic. My anaesthetist came and spoke to me before the surgery, and explained everything before I signed the consent form, I imagine yours will, too.

    Hope that helps?

  • Thank you so much for replying to me Gaia. I'm nervous about having the anaesthetic because the surgeon is a thyroid specialist and Couldn't help me if I had a bleed in my brain and I don't know how repaired arteries are with anesthetics! I think I'm mulling it over too much. It was just such a shock yesterday 😪 xx

  • Yes Judith, I had an anaesthetic to coil the bleed after a SAH then, exactly 12 months later, a gall-bladder removal, also requiring a general anaesthetic.

    There were no issues, and my surgeon who performed the gall-bladder op was very thorough but had no concerns about the effects on my brain, and I was allowed home the same day.

    I'm sorry you have another health problem on top of the SAH, but I hope your surgery will be straightforward and completely successful. Please come back to tell us how you get on.

    All good wishes, Cat x

  • Thank you so much Cat. I feel better now you've told me that. Have a lovely weekend and I'll let you know how I get on, all being well xx

  • Hope you weekend is a good one too Judith. All best wishes, Cat x

  • I haven't had a SAH because my annie hasn't ruptured but it was also inoperable, so 2 months ago they put me under GA to insert a stent in the artery the annie sits on with the hope of diverting the bloodflow so it will shrink over time. So I had GA, and vascular surgery taking place in the exact area where the unstable and still unruptured annie is...came through it ok though.

    Rupture was of course explained as a risk but I comforted myself with the knowledge that an excellent neurosurgical team was only a bleep away (I was under the Radiology team for my procedure) should things go pear-shaped. They didn't.

    And hopefully when I go back under for my next neuroangio in 3 months time they will be able to tell me when I wake up again that all is going to plan.

    I am sure if you tell your thyroid doc of your concerns s/he will either be able to reassure you it isn'ta problem, or will be able to at least reassure you that they have made a note for everyone to be aware and extra vigilant in that regard.

    Good luck and best wishes for a safe op and speedy recovery.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I hope everything goes well for you when you have your procedure. x

  • Hi Judith! Have had two in the 4 years since my 'incident' and can understand your worries..... Just trust them and try and remain as calm as possible (easier said than done I know!). Let us know how you get on...after a good rest of course! Take care.


  • Thank you Marian. Have a super weekend x

  • Hi A.

    Thank you for your advice, I'll certainly try and remember it. I've asked to have the op at the same hospital that saved my life last April because the hospital where I was due to go for this operation, can't perform brain surgery. I'm trying to feel a bit better knowing this.

    Best wishes

    Judith xx

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply. The consultant has written to just transfer me, which was good of him. I've got to speak to his secretary tomorrow. I'll let you know how I get on.

    I hope you're having a good weekend. Judith x

  • That's very good news! Keep updating!

  • Hi! How did you get on today?

  • Hi. I called the secretary and she said that the consultant had called the other hospital on Friday as well as sending a report and all my biopsy results. I'm just waiting on the appointment now. I'll let you know when I get it. Thank you so much for asking. Have a good week.

    Judith xx

  • Hi Judith,

    Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I've not had any personal experience of surgery after this type of brain injury but hopefully others positive ones on here will put you at ease. Both of my anaesthesia experiences were fine, although I have to take my asthma meds as breathing tube always aggravates it. Both theatre staff and recovery room staff are super vigilant and will take great care of you. It's a case of deep breath, grit teeth, get it over with. Then you can start on your recovery and thyroid meds. My sister's thyroid stopped working a few years ago, after cancer treatment ( lymphoma ) and she is doing well on meds. You are probably aware there is a thyroid community on Healthunlocked ? Another good place for support after your recovery.

    Sending all good wishes,

    Angela x

  • Sorry I forgot ! - link to thyroid community :

    You can access all the communities by clicking on the 'My Communities' title at the top of this page and selecting 'browse communities' - you might already know all this !

    Take care and let us know how it goes, Angela x

  • Hi Angela

    Thank you so much for your reply. I didn't know about the thyroid community, so I'll have a look.

    Have a super weekend,

    Best wishes

    Judith xx

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