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Culinary tip for the hot weather

I've just placed my lettuce in a bowl to wash it, but accidentally filled the bowl with piping hot water and left it to 'sit'. That's the end of that then......a soggy disgusting gloopy wilty mess. My culinary tip for the hot weather is 'Wash your lettuce in cold water only as boiling water destroys it :) ' Not many people can burn a salad :) Understandung husband says he likes cucumber, tomatoes and peppers, and that lettuce is over rated - kind of him.

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I dont like lettuce unless i have lots of salad cream

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Is it ok to say I'm glad we seem to be returning to our normal selves?

Whether it's the weather or something in the water I came down with a bout of daftness in the past week.

Forgot to take bank car to get money out for shopping.

Put one cup in the fridge and broke another.

Best of all I actually turned up to one of my activities with my top on inside out.

You could try using you lettuce juice as plant food.


I had to be extra-careful with myself during the 'heatwave'... a couple of weeks prior, I'd cleaned my teeth, spat the toothpaste in the sink, and then thrown my slipper in the minty-spit sink. The kid is back from uni for the summer, so I'm trying not to fall over his floor-ganised belongings, while he risks-wrinkles from furrowing his brow at me, and asking "Why is there an 'x' in 'location y'?"


My teenagers call it the 'floor-drobe' (instead of the wardrobe :)


I was an actual tramp 'before', I'd tip my cupboards out onto the bed, looking for something to wear, and then magician/tablecloth the whole lot onto the bedroom floor to get into bed... I can't do that any more, because I'd tangle-trip. I'm getting full-on twitchy-eyes at his half-unpacked bags all over the house, and reverting to my pattern of 'straightening' everything up when he goes to his Dad's. Ah, well, he goes back a the end of September.


Hello Elenor, lovely to see you. Shame about the lettuce though ! Next time you soak some in cold water try adding ice cubes to make it really crispy.

.........maybe should try it for myself ; I've been a pretty droopy 'wet lettuce' during the extreme hot weather.

Hope you've managed good days here & there.

See you soon m'dear. Love Cat xxx


My wife has been like that since I have known her over the last 40 years.

She was once making a cinnamon cake but didn't have any in the cupboard but had something that looked like cinnamon - paprika, not the standard one but original Hungarian paprika hotter than some chilli powder and the recipe called for a half a cup. Like most blokes, I am partial to cake and cut myself a generous slice unaware of the change ingredients - apparently I did something akin to a native American rain dance


Ha ha sospan i think i want that recipe off your wife.

Its a standing joke in my house the the smoke alarm is the food timer and mist embarrassingly thats what my kids told the fire service during a home safety check doh..


Thanks guys for the culinary and bathroom tips...they have got me laughing lots as I've been dropping and breaking things today and feeling a real prune.

...I knew a girl at Uni who boiled her lettuce - she was an engineer from China and she was horrified at how I prepared it...raw!! :-D


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