Solitudes - music for your health

A wonderful CD I have found that I picked up from a second hand shop I was volunteering in. First time I've got around to playing the whole thing before I go to sleep.

'Natural sleep inducement applies the scientific principles of body rhythm entrainment and the therapeutic powers of music and nature sounds to induce peaceful sleep. Relax. Listen. Let the sandman descend.'

I love that last sentence! Fantastic CD to fall asleep to, so glad I am getting back in touch with therapeutic stuff, lost my way a bit after I had my son 3 years ago as I've been beyond exhausted. These natural remedies, sounds and aromatherapy got me through some really dark times after being in a coma and trying to pick myself up and not knowing what the hell had happened and why had it happened to me!!!

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  • Which I guess just goes to show the differences in people, to relax I need zero or at least single stimulus, Particularly as I tire I get to the point I can't work out speech over say TV or music no matter how quiet, as it seem to not be my ears but the brain processing everything.

  • I see from your profile page I was the same as you with stress and escalator use. I used to feel sick and dizzy when I went near them. And then I worked in central London and overcame that fear. It was a struggle and has taken me years. I had classical music on radio 3 just now and had to switch it off when the speaking began because I cannot multi-task and struggle daily with that. Silence is my favourite companion when I need to think but I am too exhausted at night :)

  • Music, ah yes. One of the best therapies out there. Like you and, indeed, pretty much all of us, I changed after my coma/ABI and life altered so radically it was hard to deal with . Loud music got me through that angry phase but now I am well into the 'OK, this is how it is going to be and I think its ok' phase, I need music every day, but quieter, almost trance-like music which doesn't bamboozle my brain. Currently listening to Cemeteries, who I have just discovered and the ever-wonderful Sufjan Stevens. Both very soothing. Good luck to you and glad you have found something that helps you.

  • Yes I think the improvement in brain function doesn't stop ever. Even when you feel like it has stopped, when you feel alone, isolation from the world, basically in a pit of despair, sometimes sunshine is just around the corner! It is tough to continue and drag yourself out but the world continues spinning and you just need to find where you fit, even moving more slowly than everyone around you!

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