memory loss an eyesight

you know when you have short term,memory loss like someone said something before yet you already forget is it connected to eyes becoming sore,stinging,vision,light tends to hurt your eyes ,as all one side of my body is wrecked but its these issues causing me most confusion,living alone kind of feel like dozy out the 7 dwarfs,lol any one know what this can be ?

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  • Short term memory loss is the worst! I used to forget everything I did the minute after I did it! I didn't understand what people were saying and I recognised people but didn't know who there were- bloody nightmare! Brain heals slowly but you will improve! Over-stimulation is horrible, sit in the quiet- I have to sit in a dark quiet room sometimes just to be able to function on the outside :)

  • If it doesn't get better soon, you should get professional help- go A&E at the hospital for an assessment.

    Get an ambulance if you're stuck. I just read your page. Hope you get better.

  • thanks seems I can only focus,chill,alone as otherwise I feel so confused,an don't help others think im stupid;trying to explain to older kids of today 20 26,i live alone they think im dizzy,no understanding of actually major problems,As wasn't in liverpool;had to not say all to my son as he would of killed the man,so hard now trying to tell them,dont help have to be out of here by 23 lol;just hope social services have sorted something an thanks,av,a good new year glad to know it improves,i was the one who was skipped,an now there realising full impacts,myself included as cant do any cbt,here an did all this alone,not sure were I fit anymore been isolated 4 3 years now anyway night an look out for ya posts hun

  • I have short term memory problems and have a little book where i write down important things... if i remember lol

    I get vision problems too its a form of migraine for me. ( Ocular migraine)

    But have a look at the little leaflet if you are on any medication as sometimes this can be a side effect of meds too.

    I'm really sorry you've had this, i agree with aqua, go to A and e if its really bothering you or a walk in centre.

    Take it easy and slow. you have been through such a lot and stress does funny things too. Listening here though so dont feel you are on your own .


    TN xx

  • also forget were I put things,have loads of books envelopes just cant understand my bloody writing haha c haha need a beeper LOL

  • just hard as cops got brownie points promotion an I got life sentence.Yet I had no kind of therapy just carers at home im now flipping angry I have been left to rot,an thanks here im beginning to smile again genuinely x

  • I'd lend you a bleeper but cant remember where I put it! lol

  • Maybe you need to see your GP about your eyes and the short term memory loss. You might also need to see the optician about getting some tinted glasses to help with the light hurting your eyes.

  • tend to look daft uno with sunglasses on in the winter haha only thing tinted cannot go outside think its cox,not used to brightness too;being house bound

  • Good to hear you are feeling ok and can see the humour in it- we have to laugh ay, or we will go crazy sometimes!!! I know what you mean about feeling isolated- I feel that way as well :)

  • Happy newyear aqua;uno an here anytime inbox message me if you want to talk k hun

  • Thanks! :)

  • your welcome aqua79

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