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Memory loss

Hi all hope you all had a good xmas, I spent it alone because if she cant wish me happy birthday xmas has got no hope and i was meant to spent it with a friend who for family reasons cancelled last minute which i was fully expecting anyway as I have all this time off I was reflecting and I noticed that I still forget what food I have in my cupboards and wondered if anyone has any way of keeping track of food stock and dates I nomally have to go though every cupboard (which isnt many but still) and fridge/freezer before I find I have tins or packet or frozen stuff I also buy duplicates, I forget food so when i want to eat it, its out of date and shopping (when I do try) is a nightmare

Can I have some suggestions please

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Hi Bexx.

It may seem simple but white boards on the insides of your cupboards may help. Once you get used to marking off what you use it helps when writing a shopping list.

Also listing freezer contents helps remind you what is in there. It soon becomes part of you routine.

Hope this helps.



I agree with Paxo, it is so helpful to keep a list on the cupboard but you have to get into the habit of crossing things off when you use them. Also, try to make sure you always put the newest things at the back so that the oldest ones are used up before you start the new ones.


Hi Bexx

I have to write out a menu each week and the get the food I need for that. Otherwise I struggle to think what to cook or I forget what I have bought or defrosted and cook something else and waste what I have planned. I also find thinking what to cook each day really hard. I have 2 children and got them and my hubby to help write a list of things they like to eat which is stuck to the fridge to help me plan a menu. Otherwise I think they might end up with fishfingers and chips every day as I find the planning and thinking what to do harder than the cooking.

I also find less worry about dates as I buy what I need. I do have a few extras like baked beans but far less than I used to as I just don't manage the date very well and like you end up wasting lots.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes. Blim


I have a routine. As I use something I write it down on the board and I use what is written on the board to build my shopping list. I check dates on everything I buy and no longer stockpile basic because I just wasn't using them before they went out of date. If I do buy an offer or multi-buy of something I use often, I make sure to check the dates and put the longest date at the back and the closest date at the front.

If I am decanting something - for example once I open a new pack, I transfer my cereals into air tight containers - I cut off the use by date panel from the packaging and tape it to the container so I know the date by which it must be eaten.

With the freezer, everything is labelled and I have a list. If I occasionally split a pack of fresh meat, (use half and if I can't use the rest the next day in a different dish) then I will freeze the rest) I put the labelled freezer bag into a container in the front of the freezer compartment where I can see it . Every so often I have a week where I do not buy any meat and I use these up.

Menu planning and only shopping for what you need can help (but didn't work for me because I never quite know what I might fancy to eat and I wasted more by having things there that I simply did not want. ) as can bulk cooking and freezing meals in portioned containers (if you like doing that sort of thing it helps reduce waste)

Hope you find something that works for you.


Thanks I think I need something like this because (like i work) I forget that I make lists and then make due list referring to the old list that I lost:



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