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EXERCISE! - lawn bowling and swimming

We've tried many different therapies over the last few years since my son's injury. Some have worked, some haven't, some - despite huge efforts to try and organise - have not even got going (where are you Interactive Metronome instructors???!!!).

A few weeks ago my son came to me and told me he was going to take up lawn bowls.... He was previously a ten pin bowler so it seemed logical... He researched it himself, found a local club and started going to watch. He went for a taster session and discovered that he was very good at it - so is now being coached so that he can take part in competitions this summer.

If the weather is good, the Lawn Bowling green is a wonderful place to be! There is a lot of skill involved and it's good exercise (you can walk miles during a game). As a member of the club, my son can use the facilities at any time - whether or not anyone else is able to play. A practise session when the lawns are quiet, listening to the birds singing in the trees around you, is very relaxing - though the competitions can get quite stressful and lively!

My lovely Dad passed away at Christmas and amongst his belongings (that we are still sorting through) there was a set of lawn green bowling balls in a bag. None of us knew Dad had them, to our knowledge he never used them. So we gave them to Ben last week and guess what?... They are the right size and fit his hands perfectly. He's now bowling with them. Dad's obviously still keeping an eye on us all...

Ps My son also just had his third weeks swimming session. He hated every minute of the first two weeks! But this week things began to change... He swam a width, unaided and with ALL his limbs going in the right direction at the right time! He was COORDINATED! Woohoo! Perseverance pays off.

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....and in the winter, there are indoor bowls clubs. It has made such a difference to my BI'd husband. He plays 3 times a week and it is marvellous for his brain. Also, your son might like petanque (boule, French bowls) if there are any clubs near you. The players are usually very helpful to newcomers or those with a disability. Give them a try, see if he likes it. Again, they usually play in nice peaceful places. Also there is short mat bowls, etc. etc. Now he has got interested in one thing, maybe try some of the other options?


Absolutely. He's always been very good at any of these ball games so it's quite exciting for him. X


Ella that is fantastic news.

You are so right perseverance does pay off.

For your son being told that he has talent and being able to do a width is such a massive boost to his morale and his self belief. He has the proof that he can do things.

Love n hugs to you both



Thank you. You have to hang on to these moments don't you? Not all things are great but experiencing the good things on a regular basis definitely makes life more positive for all of us. X


Glad you have found things to suit :-)


Oh Elkay what a lovely, uplifting post ! I must say, there are bowling greens at most parks, always set apart by shrubs & trees, and they always look so calm and tranquil. I've always loved the atmosphere at local cricket matches and bowls has a similar effect (but much quieter) with the sound when the bowls connect and the gentle clapping.

And you're right ; we probably do underestimate the amount of exercise involved. Well done to your son for spotting this opportunity and going for it ! As Random says, it can be such a great morale boost. :-/ xx

PS the story of your dad's bowls is really touching. x

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My husband plays indoor bowls & loves it. He tried bowling outside but as one of his injuries was damage to his shoulder, he struggles with the changing conditions.

Our local bowling club has been great, & we have found its made a huge difference.

Not just for hand, eye, brain coordination, but the sociability side.

He can hold a conversation with other people & it has helped his motivation.

So lovely that he can use your dads bowls as well x

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