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Mentioned this before...? Twitching.

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Hi All,

I did start a thread a few weeks back regarding "twitching" or head shacking ticking but I can't find it maybe it was in another reply. Anyway it was really bad last night? I have never had this before my Bi and it only really comes on when I'm tired (brain fatigued) but last night I could feel myself twitching well me head anyway, just like ticking to the side. Funny because I was with a few people and as I noticed it I felt quite nervous about it and wondered if anyone saw me do it.

Of course they did but no one mentioned anything. It stopped after 5 minutes but I couldn't stop thinking about it on my way home. It happened again as I got into bed but I didn't really worry about it then as I was on my own. Im going to speak to my wife and kids today and to see if they have noticed it.

Does anyone else have this and does it pass or what did you do about it?

Have a fantastic Wednesday too. XX N

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Hi. I think you need to get this checked out as could be complex partial seizures. Not all epilepsy is grand mal fits and so the tonic clonic fitting is not seen. The other type of epilepsy can be absences and various other ways of presenting which are not so visable. Please ask you GP to refer you for an EEG as this needs to be checked out especially if you drive as would evalidate your insurance and you would be breaking the law too if you are having fits and do nothing about it as you are not only putting yourself at risk but others as well. Please do get this checked out.

Best wishes

Hi MX I don't actually twitch, but I get a feeling that I am shaking, like people do with Parkinson's, only when I am tired. I don't actually shake, I was looking it up on the net last night and it appears to be because damage has been caused to my basal ganglia! I have this from one of the meetings with my consultant when I asked " just where is the damage" and then I wrote it down, silly me😀

Anyway, as Caroline says, get it checked out, the sensations I get can be explained and with me nothing is visible, they are only sensations. It may be that yours can be explained too, better safe than sorry xxx

Janet X

Hi MXman

Do get it checked out. On the up side time management and compulsory rest periods may help. Especially if it is closely linked to levels of fatigue.

Watch for your early signs of fatigue and take a total time out as soon as you spot them. You might get some relief while waiting for a GP appointment.



not as you describe it no, I get momentary twitchs/jerks in either arms/chest/legs it can come and go for a while, over a hour but each event is very brief.

yours sound like possibly do need some exploring, do ask your family and probably the GP

Hi N. I have to agree with everyone else that this should be investigated. There could be an innocent explanation, but if it were me I'd be wanting to have seizures ruled out.

Please let us know what your GP has to say. xx

Will do, Thanks for the replies and concerns.

Im pretty sure its connected to fatigue. But ill have a word with the GP.

Get it checked out just in case. I had these tics? When you have a little twitch, near my right eye, top of left shoulder and my leg. They always seemed to be when I was tired and were annoying when I was trying to go to sleep.

They gradually lessoned and now have them only occasionally four years down the line.

Have you considered if it's the wifi in your home affecting you? I know what you mean from your descriptions, yes I do get it! I use an iPad air2 and describe my symptom more as brain (trembles) because it happens inside my skull! Occasionally I also get a feeling like my brain is being 'nipped' by an insect or something. I reported the wifi thing to my ISP, a Scottish technician employed by them, and he said he'd heard of wifi affecting people but there is 'no evidence' ! Just opposite my house 20yds?, there is a primary school and if I knew their security code I could log into their signal, plus a couple of neighbours wifi signals also! Don't know if you think it's a possibility worth exploring or not? I have downloaded an article called wi-fi health. when I find it I'll come back to this and post the web address!

I went to Wikipedia, a useful source and put in their search line - wifi health risks - there are 2 pages of links to various sites and opinions, some I ignored on the info just under website names, scammers? but page 2 had some more serious info on the subject, especially one from a Scandinavian country.

The subject matter of the ones I did look at, concentrated more on children and mobile phones, but there are a few scientific ones, concerned mostly about effects of electromagnetic waves and wifi!

with a brain injury and already knowing how how our neurotransmitters are affecting us with our symptoms I don't see that wifi should be discounted yet. the W H O has already commissioned research into it!

sadly most of the programmes on mental health problems, and a brain injury is one surely, concentrate more on psychological and other external factors affecting people. we see or hear of, very little by comparison about brain injury patients.

Mental Health needs dividing into separate specific and more prominent categories. I have recently been classified here in France, as 'partially disabled' not a title I like, in fact I have it upset me a lot, but realistically I accept its true because of some if not all of the effects and health problems I now have!

It's not my doctor who has done that, he'd keep trying to make me take antidepressants if he had his way, which I refuse to take as they made me worse. It is the Social Services Health Worker, as opposed to my ordinary Social Worker from the (help for older people) department, yes at 68 I'm classed as old!

Still I mustn't grumble about a title, even it's taken me almost 3 yrs to start getting proper help with effects of BI plus 2 other brain traumas that followed the 1st event.

Hi yes i get a twitch in my head when tired. My injury was a wahile ago but this still returns on occassion. think i have largely got usd to it know but can be irritating.

Well no twitching in the last few days so all good. Ill have to keep and wye on it though.

Hi MX man,

Just a thought but have you had any colds etc / infection recently ?

These can aggravate neuro symptoms. UTI/ sepsis has recently done an amazing number on me !

As you have said, perhaps keep written tabs to see if you can find any correlation.

Take care,

Angela x

Hi Angelite,

No I haven't had any colds or infections at all and I'm usually pretty good at keeping them at bay as I'm always on the go. Im absolutely 100% convinced that the twitching is related to brain fatigue as Iv never had it in the morning only ever at night when I'm tired and thinking too much.

When you say UTI/Sepsis do you mean flu or a virus?

I have also found that stress can bring it on too but I'm sure that coincides with brain fatigue. I am a builder and we do large 2 storey renovations and extensions and are just on the last week, home straight coming out of a project and I think that hasn't done me any favours but I'm a lot better now. Thank you for your concern and reply, have a fantastic Sunday. XX N

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angelite in reply to MXman

It was a severe bacterial urinary tract infection that didn't stay localised and got into my bloodstream, causing an extreme immune reaction and exacerbation of all my old, normally mild symptoms. Secondary blood infection. I was in early stages, when I sought help.

Speaking of symptoms arising from fatigue, my stutter/brain fog always gets worse when tired so it seems quite a common thing. I am just as bad as you for overdoing/ pushing it so I realise it can be hard to take it easy, even when we know it is the best way !

Stay well !

Angela : ) x

Mmmm you got me thinking now. I have a lump which is being checked out think I mentioned it in another thread. The lump is in my buttock and Iv had an ultra sound on it then it was suggested I get an MRI scan after the ultrasound by the consultant there which is happening on Wednesday. It might be an infection or an infected lump as the hole area is swollen around it, sorry too much information.

Ill ask on Wednesday...


I don't know if it's the same but I get tremors, mainly right arm and neck/head, tend to only last few minutes. About 18 months ago it went full body once so I went in for more brain scans and epilepsy tests, all clear. Would definitely get tests for peace of mind. Might be reassuring to know that mine only happen when I am really fatigued, i can feel when i'm hitting the wall, and as far as we know it's not harmful at my neurologist said.. just one of those things now, accept it, don't panic, rest and carry on! Key things for him seemed to be that there was no loss of consciousness or awareness. Think it's just a body reaction to tired brain in much the same way the migraines are. Hope this helps. But do organise the tests, worth it for the reassurance...extra stress extra brain fry!

Ill will be sure to ask on Wednesday. N

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