cmy cbd oil capsules update

hi everyone i have just realised i promised to write a post after a couple of weeks taking my cbd capsules now i realise it has been a couple of months since that post so here goes. i have been taking cbd oil capsules instead of my prescribed gabapentin pain relief ,every time the doctor increased my dose of gabapentin i ended up with more pain not less well all is good now i have been taking cbd oil capsules size 50mg high concentration cbd oil content 25% and wow what a difference my life has been , i sleep right through the night my anxierty level have dcreased and i feel a lot better in myself happier with life they seem to have a calming effect on me, my prefered supplier is a company called cbd brothers uou van buy via amazon but if you buy direct of thier website it is cheaper i also use a cbdoil oral spray for when i need a quick hit, for thr reformed smokers amongst us you can also but vaping oil for use in a mod box a form of e cigarette i have also tried that and it works a trat .loke all things in life good thing dont come cheap that is why i soonly use cbd brother for my capsules i have tried cheaper ones from amazon but they did nothing for me regards peter aka fedupspark

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  • Thanks for your account of your experience taking CBD, it was a post by you that piqued by curiosity in CBD and after looking into it further I decided to try it for myself. It's been a few months and I can say undoubtably it has a positive effect on my health by helping sleep, calming me and it may have even helped me when I'm exercising as it's can work as a painkiller (not that I'm in pain, but it may help when pushing through fitness barriers). I think it has other more hidden beneficial effects like on cognition/learning and memory, but they're harder to pin. I have some vivid dreams if I take it just before bed, don't know about you?

  • hi barny no dreams i take one capsule in the morning and one just before bed i'm like a man on a mission now these little capsules have improved my quality of life so much i feel i have to spread the word

    take care merry xmas peter

  • Hi Peter and well done for remembering to post about the CBD capsules, I have just ordered myself some.

    One time I did order myself some hemp oil. Well the picture showed that it was cannabis oil and if you read up on a guy called Rick Simpson you will find that he has apperntly cured over 5000 patients diagnosed with cancer with cannabis oil, according to what he says anyhow.

    So that was the reason why I looked on Amazon for cannabis oil but when I found it was hemp oil I thought then that it may not be quite as effective. I don't think it really did much for me anyway.

    I know that hemp and marijuana are from the same genus as the cannabis plant and that both have slightly different componats. Marijuana has more THC than hemp I think, it all gets a bit confusing for me.

    I have made posts in the past about cannabis, the cure-all drug and have even told others offline but nobody seems to listen.

    I believe that if cannabis was never made illegal there would be no cancer and other major health problems.

    Aside from cannabis and CBD capsules, there are more natural foods that can prevent or even kill cancer cells. We don't really need pharmacies, they are only there to make money.

    A member of staff from my Headway has had the terrible couh that is going around for weeks and weeks now, it must be about 8 or 9 weeks now. In her second or third week, I came down with this cough to and had a fever and felt weak. I got rid of it within a week!

  • i also tried hemp oil capsules but they did nothing for me only thing going for them they were cheap so i'm staying with my cbd brothers capsules more expensive but they work

    regards& merry xmas


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