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Hi all I have my wife in hospital with level five brain trauma injury due to a aneurysm she had had the drain put in her brain and with in a few hours had a second bleed resulting in a unwanted quick operation to stop the bleeding with a clamp on the vessel. she then five days later had to have a second opp for another drain. she was very lucky to get past all opps but we are told sever brain damage has been done. The extent of the damage is unknown until they wake her up. we are very worried but staying strong for her. has anyone had this happen to them dose anyone have any idear if she still functions what we can likely expect if she pulls through.

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  • Hello and welcome .... though of course none of us really want to be "here" on this forum .

    I haven't experience of this type of injury but I believe that plenty of others here have and they will be in touch I am sure. Just wanted to say hello and try to look after yourself too. Headway in your area may have more information and it might be worth contacting them next week along with a community neuro rehab team.

    Take care


  • Thanks will do

  • Hi. Sorry for all your worries. The brain is an amazing organ and will do it's best to repair itself. It takes a LOT of time. You need to be patient , keep talking to your wife and don't expect miracles. As moo196 says, chat to Headway, they can help enormously. Keep on this forum, it is wonderful for support.

    All the very best to you all


  • I'm so sorry about your wife's awful bad luck. I had a bleed on the brain almost 5 years ago but I'm one of the luckier ones who got a second chance.

    My family were warned to prepare themselves for any possible scenario, good or bad, as no one can predict the outcome of brain injury. They later described their wait for signs of 'normality' as agonising, so my heart goes out to you right now.

    I hope you have other family members who can help with emotional and practical support whilst you're focused on your wife's predicament.

    Please know we'll be here for anything you want to ask, and for as long as you need. All best wishes for your lady's safe return to you. Cat x

  • Others on the forum who have experienced a coma have said they have been able to hear at least some of the time of their surroundings. I sustained a TBI 5 years ago, but not in a coma. It must be very hard to be strong, but talk to her, friends and relatives too, some say music , but I think Headway can confirm this, seek all the information and guidance you can. We found by asking, and Headway are great at supporting and advising. No brain injury is ever the same, though doctors can say their findings and diagnosis from ops and scans, every brain is different, each person is different, each brain injury is like a snowflake , no are two alike, and no two recoveries are the same. The brain is a complicated but amazing organ, which brain injury improvement is slow, but it can build different pathways.

    Are the physios involved? I am sure there are, but if not please request their input. It is vital to keep the arms and leg muscle moving, or they can become stiff and weak.

    I will be thinking of you all, and hoping soon you wife will be back with you. Please keep us updated. Take care xx

  • Hi and welcome, I'm afraid I can't add to the replies you've already received above , but would add my good wishes for your wife's recovery.

  • Good morning. My husband had a ruptured aneurysm in 2012, which led to a sub arachnoid haemorrhage, and also a stroke. His prognosis was very poor, and we were told to expect the worst. He was unconscious for nearly 2 weeks, and spent almost 5 months in hospital, including re hab.

    4 years on, and he is very mobile, and able to do a lot. The difficult thing is that everyone is different, there is no set pattern to what will happen next. He was in a wheelchair for many months, had to have help with eating, dressing etc., but with determination and friends and family to help, anything is possible.

    You just have to keep strong, be patient and be prepared for a very long road ahead. I wish you and your wife all the very best, and look forward to hearing that she is doing well very soon.

    Molly x

  • Thank yo very much xx

  • I've been through this with my Grandfather that had a subdural hematoma. Then later down the road another brain bleed from falling out of his wheelchair that wasn't caught for a few days. He lived through surgery and made it. He was in as bad shape as your wife. They didn't think he'd ever regain anything normal, but he did. We kept talking to him and telling him that he was fine and he was going to recover. I set in ICU and said that to him over and over. They can hear you and they will do better if you encourage. Do not feel guilty though if something adverse happens- that's not your fault either. It has been proven with science that you do and are what you think. Think positive and speak positive. Let us know how she does. I'm a miracle myself. I know that they happen.

  • Thanks you we are taking positive to my wife all the time and you message is encouraging.

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