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Daughters brain tumer

Hi all hope ur all ok my daughter had a brain op 3years ago and she has this fixation on my grandson it's so hurtful I don't no what todo she keeps on and on about what money he's stolen off her chas my grandson would never do this we keep having arguments now we are not talking again I hate her sometimes when she goes into this girl I don't no she is so angry with it as well x

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Can you persuade your daughter to go and see GP and get support

Sounds as if it may be a side effect of the Brain op - Brain problems affect us in different ways

Good Luck


Hi dillm2 my daughter is under doctors at the qe in Birmingham she is doing my head in about this fixation about my grand son it is going round in her head she is ok on minute next she is a different person ino this is down to the brain tummer I love her so much I still can't believe shes had a brain tummer till I see the dents in her brow she is not talking to me again she is also going for counciling to help her x



Glad she is getting help unfortunately that is not helping you and your grandson - is their any one who can help you ?


Sorry to hear about the difficulties with your daughter but counselling is surely the best route to finding the cause of her obsession. A good therapist can unlock thoughts which people often, themselves, don't understand.

All best wishes for the best possible outcome so that you can find peace and harmony in your family life. And please, if possible, keep us updated on your daughter's progress with the counselling.

Cat x


Hi i wish we could find peace and happiness but it feels like the family has blown apart I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel it goes on and on she just won't let it go we argue and she won't talk to me it's sound like child stuff but it's so hard to cope with I am now scared to phone her thank you for the post xx


Hi Redbreast,

I have a brain tumour and get rather drastic mood swings because of the area involved, partli form the medical problems and partly from the frustration of not being fully in control of all of my social skills or behaviour anymore. To be able to see what you're doing to others feelings, to see what is happening and being unable to control it, is horrible, like watching terrible things happening, for real, through a window. I recently whent for a neuropsycolocical assesment (three and a half hours long) and the first hour was with my wife present so we could both talk about how I we were both being affected. The neuro psyc gave my wife reassurance and coping strategies for us both.

I guess it will depend on which part of the brain your daughter had her tumour and what functions that part of the brain controls. My father-in-law has dementure and during the middle stages would accuse people of stealing, others hiding things he couldn't find and becoming over obssesed with security, he would barricade the front and back doors making the key safe for the careres a bit of a waste of time.

I'm NOT saying your daughter has any form of demtia, what I AM saying is that you have to remember that you Daughter has been through a very traumatic experience and that what she is doing may be the result of damage to the brain caused by the tumour. It is most likely to be part of the illness which may be almost impossible to cope with isn't a deliberate way of 'winding you up' just something that she has no contol over.

The support should be not only for your Daughter but for you as well. Carers needs often get forgotten and they don't always get the information or support they desperately need. So seek and if necessary DEMAND help and advice for yourself as well.

Please try not to hate you're Daughter, she is still your daughter and may well have no practical control over what she does or says, either to you or her feelings and suspicions of your grandson.

Kindest regards


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I cannot say much more than others have already said, but I have great problems with fixation, irrational or rational I can fixate on a problem, person. Your daughter does not intend to upset but it seems your grandson is in the firing line. It is not right and hope you can have psychological soon


Feel so lost sent my daughter a mes to say I missed and loved her shes totally ignored it dont think she wants to have anthing to do me it hurts do much has she my baby we are all treating on egg shells scared to upset her thanks for your posts x


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