I'm seeing a lot on here about marriage, and how they've found it difficult and even gone to split up after the BI occurred due to the vast changes. But, like me, is there anyone on here that has got married after you acquired the BI - my husband didn't even know me pre-accident as I was rather young. Would love to chat to someone in a similar situation, or has advise by way of a long marriage with a BI (we celebrate 8 years next Feb.) :-)

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  • I was already married when I had my TBI and it scared me to learn that so many marriages did not survive the long term effects TBI brings. For a while I think I was pretty sure he was going to get fed up with dealing with all this stuff and would leave me. He did not and says that the thought never even crossed his mind.

    My husband and I lived together for 8 years before getting married and next year will celebrate 20 years of marriage so we are definitely survivors ;) and despite the various challenges life has thrown our way in the past 28 years, we are still strong together.

  • That's reassuring to hear thank you :-) congratulations x

  • There are people who do meet after, yesterday's one show had a couple that met after.

    My self coming up to 8 years married and 3 years with a BI it's a lot harder now but we are still married!

  • My husband BI was 3 yrs ago, when we had been married for 27 yrs.

    In August to cekebrate 30 yrs to renewed our wedding vows

    This was really important to him, as he can't remember our wedding & was convinced we weren't married!!

    It also reassured him,, that I wasn't going to leave him, something he really worried about, as he is very reliant on me.

    Yes, it's been tough, friends & family, kept telling me, I needed a life of my own, but without him, hard as it is, life fir me would be pretty miserable

  • All the best for the renewing and the future x

  • Yes, I'm a newly wed of 1 year, after my ABI 4 years ago. I continue to be humbled by the fact that I had spent all my life as a single lady and Prince Charming hadn't been revealed to me, despite me having a lot to offer in terms of ability.

    So it continues to amaze me that now I have a brain injury, and have lost many of my previous capabilities, that someone wants to marry me! With all my disabilities and weaknesses. So be positive, be open and willing to expect the unexpected! Despite my now visual impairment and brain injury, I'm now the proud joint owner of a tandem, and we enjoy getting out on that when the weather permits.

    The other key in my recovery , is that God has been a huge rock in my life , and I've trusted Him throughout my journey , and have felt 'protected' despite many difficult circumstances. My friends have been wonderful prayer warriors and whilst I remain at risk of another brain haemorrhage , I can be assured of where I'm heading when it's time for me to go. So I can highly recommend and encourage you all to explore God for yourselves.

    Sadly I don't have a long marriage experience to draw on as yet, but we live in hope of a long and happy marriage , andI wish you too a long and happy marriage.

    I'm sharing My favourite verses from the bible........Proverbs 3: v 5-6

    May God bless you all.

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