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Concerned after hitting head during a fall

Dear All,

I am looking form some advice following a fall where i hit the side of my head last Thursday. It did bleed but thankfully stopped overnight.

I didn't lose consciousness or was sick at any point but saw my gp the following morning. She said it was a minor scrap and all vitals looked good.

The following day out of the blue i started feeling really weird. Nausea, dizziness and I think I became quite anxious. I could not go to sleep that night until 3am, every time I closed my eyes I though I might forget to breath and not wake up in the morning. I started experiencing ringing in my ears / tingling in fingers. I started researching my symptoms and based on what the doctor said I thought I might be having a panic attack.

The next day I felt pretty much the same and called a helpline, who sent an ambulance to examine me, just in case. When the evening they still haven't arrived I had another assessment done over the phone and again was told its unlikely I had a serious injury but should go back to my gp or the nearest A&E.

I had a good night sleep that night and felt reasonably good the next day.

I went back to my gp yesterday and again all vitals seemed fine. We did come to the conclusion that I probably did have a panic attac, especially considering my cousin died of a head injury - I don't think I thought of this until I actually said it out loud. Perhaps subconsciously I got scared and this was the reason for my feeling so bad suddenly.

But just now I started feeling dizzy and uneasy again, my ears are still ringing and the side of me head where I hit it still feels tight, almost like a slight pressure.

I have doen some research and it might as well be normal to be feeling all this, but i am still concerend. I was told nothing about the recovery process or how long I might be feeling unwell and didn't get much reassurance. I readh people might not experience any symptoms until a few days after their injury and that it can take a while to get back to normal. And the fact I have typed all this probably shows my brain is functioning ok. But then what am I feeling?

Am I just being to paranoid?

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Go stright to a&e and explain all of this and they will hopefully give you a full check up xx


It wouldn't be surprising if you were harbouring fears of brain injury after what happened to your cousin. (I also had a cousin who died after a brain injury from a road traffic accident).

But your symptoms sound like classic Panic symptoms and, as you said yourself, your cousin's death has probably played a big part in your reaction to your fall.

I'd normally suggest you get checked out, but it seems you've been tested for classic symptoms of brain injury with negative results. Panic attacks can be as debilitating as a major illness and if you're prone to anxiety then, as an explanation, it certainly rings true.

Panic attacks can be so debilitating and are usually caused by over-breathing. Regular, deep, even breathing allows the oxygen in our lungs to convert to carbon dioxide which is essential in maintaining balanced respiration and general wellbeing.

Keep an eye on your breathing AK and avoid the 'panting' which we do when stressed. Hope your symptoms ease soon. xx

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Would suggest that you go to a&e at your local hospital and get another diagnosis or reassurance at least.


Hi there,

Your symptoms may well be the result of panic but anxiety can also be a symptom of post concussion syndrome. The fact that all your vitals are checking out fine is great news : )


Concussion does not show up on scans ( you do not necessarily need to have lost consciousness to get a concussion from a head blow ) and there is no treatment for this specifically, other than addressing the symptoms. If anxiety/other symptoms continue to bother you, you could perhaps speak to GP about some treatment for it ? Naturally if symptoms worsen, seek further help.

My son has had concussion twice, as a result of blackouts/hitting head on way down. First time he was dreamy/couldn't concentrate/tired for a week, second time he developed anxiety for about 3 months ( horrible for him but I was able to explain his symptoms and calm his fears during the worst ) Luckily he seems not to be susceptible to blackouts now : )

Do stay in touch and let us know how you go on,

Kind regards, Angela x


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