Head injury & Neck Fracture

Hi peeps

I'm here today because I just want to be normal. Around 8 years ago I was out drinking with my friends after the Rugby World Cup final. Granted I had had a fair few beers, someone knocked my pint and it spilled on to this man's shirt in a busy bar. I said I was sorry and turned away thinking that was the end. O no I received a good old kicking by him and his mates. I fell to the floor and witnesses said that I was stamped on the front of my head resulting in a long lasting head injury thankfully I recovered from the neck injury and run regular races. But the symptoms of the head injury will live with me forever - short term memory loss - ringing in the ears- fatigue - short temper difficult to handle when you are holding a job down and trying to support my young family. So that's my story hope you give me some great tips on how to cope with this because it's not an easy ride for sure. Thank You.

Mr Jenks.

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  • I'm

    So sorry for wot happened to u :( my partner was knocked down by a taxi several years ago resulting in his BI!although he can do everything by himself he has been left with exactly the same symptoms u have!he forgets lots of things,even mid sentence he can forget what he was saying which annoys him!he is so tired all the time but struggles to have a proper sleep,like his brain has trouble shutting down at nite and it just won't let him rest!he also get ringing in the ears!i think these r all the things no one tells u about xxx

  • Thank you - for a while I was thinking I was normal walking round the house like a 'sleeping Jesus' - it's harder for partners to deal with living with someone who is has lost who they fell in love with.... I get myself back from time to time when I'm surrounded by positive people and sometimes having a word with myself to snap out of it but it's always following me round - that's why I Run to give me that realease from the weight of an head injury - I wish your partner well for the future - exercise helps for me to sleep better.

    Mr Jenks.

  • Hi there and welcome :)

    Have you read brain injury a practical guide by Trevor Powell? My hubby had a bi last year we also have 2 young nippers and hubby has all the same typical symptoms as you. I found this book really helpful to get a better understanding (your partner might find it helpful too) as well as giving info that's easy to read it also gives practical suggestions to help for both brain injured and their carer /partner.

    I also find reading posts on here really helpful in knowing we are not the only ones it can feel like quite a lonely road. ..

  • Thank you - will get myself a copy - will help my wife understand my odd behaviour - didn't realise how bad it was until my memory started lapsing and being tired all the time - more than just being depressed. It comes in waves where I can't feel I can do anything a constant fight against me 😏

  • I have always described my husbands waves as like a black cloud that comes over him it's all consuming and can be so 'thick' I can almost see it. It's all consuming and takes over everything sometimes it can last weeks. Then just as it came over him I can see it slowly pass and see a small amount of light in his eyes again...until the next time!

    Hope you have a good day today :)

  • Recommend YOU read 'The Secret'. You might need to read it twice but I'd be surprised if it doesn't assist you. Cheers

  • Thank you - will have a look 👍

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