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Gone back to my roots

Apologies to all for my less that regular input over the last while.

In part due to trying to do all the preparations for a journey across the Irish sea to visit mum and trying to talk my hubby out of taking his spare mobility scooter for her to try.

Things all got too much and at one point I made my hubby stop so I could go for a walk. He got on his scooter and I walked......not my favourite time of the year. That is when gale force winds are whipping up the sea and it comes over the prom.

It was my second favourite time and if I can pinch what I believe to be a Cornish dialect word it was dimsy. I love that word it's so much nicer than twilight or dusk. For me it perfectly describes the effect of an unknown hand gently turning the dimmer switch on daylight.

Anyway the walk from the old quay to the castle and back accompanied by the lights beginning to come on across the lough made me feel so much better.

Thankfully we are home now .

Love n hugs


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Hi Random,

So you're from the Emerald Isle : )

I experienced the ultimate 'dimsy' in Cornwall a few years back - we went down in a tent for the eclipse. It was exactly like a dimmer switch ! I remember the sheep suddenly bleating, confused as the light swiftly returned : ) I hadn't realised your hubby also has a disability - I imagine it makes a difference in managing everyday life between you, alongside your own problems. I'm really lucky that Ed is still quite fit and mobile for his age, so is able to help out with the more physical stuff when I'm a mess ! The walk sounded lovely - not too much wind for me though, I have been blown over on gusty days !

Wishing you a lovely visit with Mum, as stress free as poss : )

Angela x

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Oh gosh, just read back over your posts and realised - hubby has stage 4 kidney disease. Did he go on dialysis ? Love to you both x


Hi Angela

Hubby is not on dialysis YET but it will happen.

We all know how difficult it can be just to keep the motivation to do what we need to do and having to find the extra to be able to try to motivate someone else aargh!

It was tough especially when mum and hubby locked horns about using the scooter.....mum refused hubby threatened her with a care home (she is mid eighties and more than a few health problems).

At least it is over and I should be able to get back to my routine after a few days of rest .

Isn't dimsy wonderful?

The sea was flat calm and the lights appearing and twinkling took me to fairy land and I was able to cope with the rest.

Thanks for your concern

Love n hugs and hope you are having a good weekend



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