Neurological Patient Experience Survey 2016

If you'd like to share your experience of the care you received following your brain injury (and hopefully improve it), please do so by completing this survey by following this link:

At the end of the survey you get the chance to share your experience and opinion of how you feel that health, social and mental health care can improve. The survey is only open until 30th September so it's important to get your views across before time runs out and another opportunity for change is wasted. This gives us the chance to share our collective experiences of Neuro-rehabilitation to the NHS, so please complete it and share it. We can moan about our condition all we like, but outside these forums nobody listens, so this is your chance to get your views across! :)

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  • Done Anthony ! x

  • Thank you very much! Doing it now. My neurologist was simply abysmal.

  • Done !

  • Done.

  • Done

  • Done...... thanks for sharing

  • Also done!

  • This is fantastic guys! But there are still many who haven't completed it! If you've had a brain injury and got NHS treatment you need to complete this!!! If we don't make ourselves known, they'll ignore us - don't let them!

  • Shameless bump.

    Please participate in the Neurological Patient Survey if you've had a brain injury and had care under the NHS. The survey is open until this Friday 30th September, so please share your experiences, good or bad, they matter - you matter.

  • Sadly I returned to UK too late too Participate but hopefully almost 4 yrs on since B I, and once resettled, I may start getting some help early 2017.

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