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Had too share I finally had one decent experience when asking for help, had my blue badge assesment today went well armed letters, prescriptions, cane got delivered too the door, after my pip assesment I was prepared for the worst expecting to talk to top of someones head while they clicked away at a computer trying to sneak lòoks at you while you walk to their office

How wrong was ,she wasn't super nice she kept it professional she explained before i got up from my chair in reception she was going to observe me walking, we had a good in depth discussion on my walking abilitys ( I have osteoarthritis from açident in 2005 accelerated by icu in 2009 ) never really gained muscle after it wasted ,this was so different even if I don't get it won't feel bad not like pip where I just wanted to drive of a remote cliff

She then explained it wasn't her who decided, she passed on her observation she she kept asking me if there was anything else that could help make my case stronger

It was nice to talk about issues that are not caused by my brain which I think actually were sometimes not compatible it has a mind of its own mmm

But hey i had a go I'm happy at the mo I think the pain Meds are kicking in

hugs to all

Lewann x

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Well done. You gave it your best shot !


Thinking pip assesment all the way though how terrible is that I didn't lie , i didn't expand the truth the only thing I omitted was I didn't take any pain killers simple fact is cannot drive when on codeine and they make memory worse, wasn't sure my ride was gonna turn up but the BB would be a life line at the moment I have been out 4 times this month trip to tesco, dr, hospital and BB assesment and this was a busy month,

That's not a life for anyone I'm kinda getting tired of it all now



lewann i got 4 points when when iwent my pip but got my care. the thing is ican walk the distances they ask, but its getting back thats the problem.


Getting any ware is a problem for me devil's advocate pain v. Memory if I lose the car now I can't walk about to find it most of my left knee joint is destroyed but hey pip assessor scored me 0 points on everything I think that was her favourite number, or the only number she knew, anyway I'm gearing up to go again

Lewann x


Hi lew-ann,

Low rate mobility and high rate mobility on PIPs both qualify for the Blue Badge.

Ive just been awarded low rate mobility but thats nonsense and I'm preparing my paperwork for a mandatory reconsideration. The DWP scored me 10 points but I need 12 for the higher rate.

The medical assessor did lie a few times in her report but thats why I always take my partner and carer with me as witness. She will provide a written statement for the MR.


My pip assessor scored me zero on everything I was completely devastated I felt like a complete liar I was not prepared and could not cope with the lies she told but it's easy to target vulnerable people, so I'm getting prepared this time it xxx


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