A Card For Mum

Helllo everyone.

Sorry I have been AWAL forb a while.

I have been having what I can only call 'blackouts'for now an that's been about a week I know for sure.

I hAVE an appointment for blood test/balance assessment (at 'The Falls' Clinic and a new head scan bewing. Thanks for advive on this.

Yesterdaty I was a sickly kd (literally every half hour for hours - exhausting.

The black outs have got nore regular and today I found myself 'asleep' styanding with my forehead nudge into the kitchen sink so hard I still have an inentatiion there.

They are happening once every 4/5 hours and I am getting the double vision when it happens, but that's the firstb time I have ben vomiting with iy. I didn't think it was connecte so I didn't mention it earlier but both my ankles are swollen an I have what look like loas flea bites all over my boy. SoSo itchy!

The doible vision is still there a bit as u an tyoing this, sorry for mess hope you understand the gist v ofv it ?

Havent been sick oday but keep wantug to lay down.

My husband says back to GP but I m saying no as I am not seeing a gp just for spots onnthe skin. Anyway, tyhere are alreay bloo tests an things pending - he/she cant so nymore than they are alreay. What do you thin? I have a goo relashionship with this GP practice andwant to keep it that way.

The other thing was mum ! I received the Bran Injury survivors Card ! Ye ha ! thanks for help with this it will be a good help to her. jut thinking, I hope I am not infectious to her ?

Kin regars



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  • Jules get to a+e , don't mess around. This is dangerous for you, you should not be alone. If you go to your doctors about this I think you will be told to go. If you ring 111 they will send an ambulance for you. The sooner you seen the sooner you will be better for your mum coming. They can take bloods and get results straight away. They can do more on the spot there. You can tell the way you wrote the question that you are very unwell. Compared to your normal writing this is bad for you. GET HELP NOW PLEASE. I may be very very wrong but better safe than sorry xxx

  • Repeated fainting several times a day? I agree - this calls for immediate hospital attention. Don't forget to tell them you're a brain injury survivor.


  • Hello Cay & Nightbird

    Aww thanks for reply and caring.

    Candy, I am not alone, my husband is here - will not leave me alone !

    The 'pre book' bloods are just tomorrow at my GP, so i shoul be able to chat to the nurse/gp then. Obviously if i get worse my husband will rive me to the new cramlington hospital. I WILL LWT YOU Know how things go tonight

    Kin regars



  • Ok so long as you not alone. I thought you were so that made me panic. I'm glad your husband there to watch you. Make sure u keep us updated xx

  • Mind I really don't think this waiting around for blood tests is advisable. For crappy things it's fine but you must remember that you have bi and that changes everything. If your husband say attend a+e don't be so stubborn,,,, go please xx

  • Hello Jules, I'm new here too. I'm the first one to kick up a fuss at the mere mention of having paramedics called out to me. In this instance, I think you really MUST.I'd be doing it for you given half a chance! :-)

  • Thank you mac - hope you read my post about being back home now




  • A very important test is an EEG to see if you are having some kind of fits. They won't show up on a brain scan.

  • Jules, if I knew where you lived I'd come and give you a boot up the jacksie. Just by the spelling alone, can see you have some thing to worry about. Sorry luv but the old man's right. Get some help. xx

  • Hi,

    I'd be at a&e sharpish my dear.....whatever is already in the pipeline I think you need neuro check now......

    Just do it !! ☺

  • I'm with Moo & others in thinking you should see A&E doctors. But I understand your reluctance ; it's an exhausting place when you're feeling so poorly and, as you have a GP appointment tomorrow maybe you can be excused.

    As others have said, be sure to tell them about all your symptoms and their severity. Take care 'til then Jules and please avoid being alone whilst you're feeling so rotten.

    Hope you'll get to the bottom of these symptoms and get help soon. Please update us when you're up to it. Lots of love, Cat xxx

  • Hi Jules,

    I hope by now you are in hospital getting all the relevant tests/treatment. Please update us when you can. Love, Angela x

  • Hello Angelite

    Thank you so much, yes went to hospital, now back - by now you will have read my update.

    Thank you so much for being there. Very much appreciated

    Kindest regards



  • Thinking of you Jules. Looking forward to your return to this forum. Take care. xox

  • Hello Clara. Jules here

    You hopefully have seen my post, i am back home.

    Thank you for being there, thank you for caring



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