Visual weirdness - does this have a name?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find the name of this particular phenomenon, so I can research it. When I'm looking at things, only a tiny spot is in focus and everything else is blurred. So if I'm reading, I'm only "seeing" a couple of letters at a time. Or if I'm looking at someone, their eyes are in focus and their lips aren't.

Searching for "narrow area of focus" and similar just gives me photography advice or stuff on *mental* focus. Has anyone got a name for it?

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  • I think you need to go to an opticians and get your visual field checked.

  • The optician found nothing. I did the visual field test with the blinking light, and saw it every time. But this problem is too subtle for that test to catch. It's not that I can't *see* beyond a tiny area, it's that things are unfocused and blurry outside it.

    I'm seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist next month, but was just wondering if anyone had a name for the problem.


  • Sorry I don't have any idea. Good you have neuro-ophthalmologist apt. I had blurred and double vision for a long time after my bi but eventually it corrected itself. How long ago was your bi?

  • Ten years ago, but I've had no treatment for it. It wasn't caused by an accident, and MRI showed nothing, so they spent a while denying there was a problem.


  • Not entirely sure - is it like tunnel vision? Perhaps a macro-degenerative issue? I'm not seeing anyone re my eyesight problem (mistaking objects/views for other things). I don't think it's eye related so much as brain related. But would love to be able to label it so I can forget about it. Hope the opthalomist can shed light on it for you :)

  • Mine definitely seems brain related. It's a bit like tunnel vision, but the bits "outside" the tunnel are heavily blurred instead of dark. So I was able to pass that test where the optician waves a light around. It's a pain when I'm looking for things - unless I'm looking directly at something, I'm likely to miss it.

    Yeah, we'll see what they say in October. Thanks for the support. :)

  • I'd agree with Elanor3 - sounds like macular degeneration but then I'm no opthamologist ..... get it checked asap and hopefully can get treatment/proper advice.

    Good luck

  • Yeah, I have an appointment in October. We'll see what it is then :)

  • only when I have a bad migrane attack , bright lights in my vision out of focus feeling sick and tired +

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