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Visual weirdness - does this have a name?


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find the name of this particular phenomenon, so I can research it. When I'm looking at things, only a tiny spot is in focus and everything else is blurred. So if I'm reading, I'm only "seeing" a couple of letters at a time. Or if I'm looking at someone, their eyes are in focus and their lips aren't.

Searching for "narrow area of focus" and similar just gives me photography advice or stuff on *mental* focus. Has anyone got a name for it?

Many thanks,


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I think you need to go to an opticians and get your visual field checked.

The optician found nothing. I did the visual field test with the blinking light, and saw it every time. But this problem is too subtle for that test to catch. It's not that I can't *see* beyond a tiny area, it's that things are unfocused and blurry outside it.

I'm seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist next month, but was just wondering if anyone had a name for the problem.


Sorry I don't have any idea. Good you have neuro-ophthalmologist apt. I had blurred and double vision for a long time after my bi but eventually it corrected itself. How long ago was your bi?

Ten years ago, but I've had no treatment for it. It wasn't caused by an accident, and MRI showed nothing, so they spent a while denying there was a problem.


Not entirely sure - is it like tunnel vision? Perhaps a macro-degenerative issue? I'm not seeing anyone re my eyesight problem (mistaking objects/views for other things). I don't think it's eye related so much as brain related. But would love to be able to label it so I can forget about it. Hope the opthalomist can shed light on it for you :)

NightBird in reply to Elenor3

Mine definitely seems brain related. It's a bit like tunnel vision, but the bits "outside" the tunnel are heavily blurred instead of dark. So I was able to pass that test where the optician waves a light around. It's a pain when I'm looking for things - unless I'm looking directly at something, I'm likely to miss it.

Yeah, we'll see what they say in October. Thanks for the support. :)

I'd agree with Elanor3 - sounds like macular degeneration but then I'm no opthamologist ..... get it checked asap and hopefully can get treatment/proper advice.

Good luck

NightBird in reply to moo196

Yeah, I have an appointment in October. We'll see what it is then :)

only when I have a bad migrane attack , bright lights in my vision out of focus feeling sick and tired +

It is hard for people to understand how one can achieve a 6:6 vision score but have vision problems. Another route is to see a behavioural ophthalmologist who look more holistcslly and can reprogrammed your visual cortex.

Tunnel vision is the only non technical term I have come across to describe the effect you are suffering from, though mine is only triggered from fatigue. There is a TED talk on YouTube by a lady that talks through her difficulties. There was a link from a previous thread on here, but I could not find it.

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