Having to leave your job through medical reasons

Hello, please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere im still a newbie here. My question is... has anyone had to leave their job because of their condition and if so where do you start with the whole process?? My very patient employers have been great so far but my diplopia which is looking unlikely to be corrected is not a condition my employers will allow me to work with. I've asked if I can be reassigned elsewhere but as cabin crew your only contracted to fly not to do any other roles. I'm in limbo at the moment as I've been off sick now 14 weeks but need to be giving my employer an idea of what's going on soon. I'm struggling on sick pay and diploplia though isnt to my knowledge a recognised disability so I doubt I'll be entitled to any help or benefits. I'm far too young to retire so will have to find work but I just wondered really if anyone had ever been in a similar situation and what they did. Does my employer have to offer me anything if an medical condition has deemed me unfit. I've always worked all my life never claimed anything or needed to before. I would welcome any pointers or shared experiences. Thankyou very much

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  • Hi ducky. So sorry to hear of your sight problem and how badly it's affecting all aspects of your life.

    For the best advice on benefits you might want to look on this site :- benefitsandwork.co.uk.

    For a small subscription you can get advice specific to your own needs.

    Best wishes, Cat x

  • The key phase is reasonable ajustments, but if diploplia is too much, then I'd assume they should offer you other suitable roles. If you have brain damage your legally disabled how ever able you may be! The diplopliais just one of the symptoms related to it.

  • I had to leave my job as a Local Govt manager at Director level after I got ill with ME and it became clear after 8 months that it was not going to go away.

    I don't know if my experience would be the norm - both the condition and my seniority in the organisation meant they were careful to play things very cautiously (I think they were expecting I would accuse them of liability as I had been severely overloaded for a couple of years).

    My employers sent me to a private occupational heath doctor and to a private chronic fatigue syndrome/ME specialist in London, asking them lots of questions about whether I would be likely to return to my role now or ever (possible by 65, but unlikely), whether I could do some other I.e. any other role now or soon (answer at the time possible but unlikely - and in the end not possible as my employers didn't have anything sufficiently part time and lightweight in duties).

    There is a tiered early retirement system in local govt so I was retired on the lowest tier, pending a review in 3 years. When that came I was still too ill to work. So I have now been retired for 5 years and although I do try and fool myself, particularly when I am managing my condition well or in remission, it doesn't normally take more than 3 days of having to go somewhere each day to realise that full time full on work is indeed unlikely to be possible before I reach proper retirement age in 20 years, unless I get my miracle...

    I think employers are required to give you another role if there is one available within the company which you could fulfil with 'reasonable adjustments'. If they can't they have 2 options: dismissal on grounds of incapacity, and retirement on ill health. The second of these is possibly nicer, although you do feel rather as if you are on the scrapheap way too early, a bit like some of these cheap, new cars.....

  • Thankyou...some good stuff there. I'm clueless with this stuff. I'm in a union so might approach them first. It's so daunting after working all these years in a job I still enjoyed to know I've to start again now at 43. Stupid aneurysm. Thanks everyone who wrote replies much appreciated

  • Hi Ducky,

    Did not have to leave but was relocated to another building on less hours in evening job for County Council ( after 6 months off sick ) and had to scale down self employment from 5 days to 3 afternoons, mainly due to residual physical problems/fatigue.

    Been off 2 1/2 months so far with related health condition just now so not sure how long I will need or if I will regain all my former fitness yet.

    The bad news is that I have recently been informed that the building I was relocated to is set to close in the future so employees will either be offered relocation again or redundancy - so depending on how long it takes if I can get fit I may not even have a job to go back to !

    I have managed to avoid having to claim benefits so far but am aware that my particular deficits may make me a less desirable option for employment elsewhere in the future ( disability equality is a nice idea but not personally found it works well in practice ! )

    It is a quandary all round , isn't it ? x

  • Hi, I'm just going through this too, it's a minefield, the advice given so far is good if I find anything else useful will also reply, take care.

  • Morning

    I was referred by access to work to a wonderful team at REMPLOY - think they are a gov't agency aimed at getting disabled people back to or into work. My employers expected me back full time in Feb last year and there was no way that was possible after my CVST in Oct - but I had not got the language / brain capacity to explain it to them. Remploy were great at explaining things to me and my employers and have been helpful in the last year with looking at ways to improve / benefits ( none mind you ) and constructive approaches to my employer. I've "managed" to get to 29hours/ week now but currently negotiating a shorter working week on a permanent basis.

    find out about your local Remploy person perhaps ? Mine was based over 50 miles away but made a home visit within 48 hours and would not have coped without their advice ...

    good luck


  • I would be surprised if your condition does not come under the Equality Act 2010? If it is long term condition which impacts on your life substantially, then it is a 'disability'. I think you need to explore this via the web site that Cat has highlighted.

    With respect to your employees they need to be seen to be doing everything they 'reasonably' can to accommodate your needs (if it is termed as a disability). It is also good if employers to not pursue competency under sickness for at least one year- trubunels do not like this. So, as others have said, I would define exactly whether it is a disability and if it is your employers should then really proceed with an Occupational Health assessment to better understand the impact of your condition in the work place. Only then can they start to have conversations about any future redeployment or whether you are fit to work in some capacity.

    Hope that makes sense!!

    Take care and good luck.


  • Hi there, - some good suggestions already given but just to add that you need to save every hospital/GP letter's you may have or receive - just in case you cannot resume work in any capacity as your only option then is to go down the applying for ESA

    ( Employment Support Allowance ) benefits - and they need proof of what you will be telling them.

  • Good morning...thankyou all for your kind and helpful replies. It's all very confusing as I'm otherwise fit and well. My condition won't allow me to stay in the job I had and I'm not unfit enough to work so I can't claim anything. It sucks but I'm sure I'll sort something out. Thanks once again for all the time and tips.

  • Sorry to reiterate but do try to speak to Remploy - I was at the point of despair thinking I would have to give up and they came up with other suggestions / support / advice at a time when I was not capable of thinking differently - nor had the imagination the think outside the doom and gloom approach ...... worth a call/meeting with them ?? I would otherwise have spent my life savings in one year or two and not be in a better position.... good luck

  • I'm feeling much more positive than I was a few days ago. I've got lots of ideas now (having an inspirational moment as you do) love it when I'm like this and not down on it all. Just hope it lasts. Thanks x

  • Glad to hear it! Long may it continue. Wishing you all the best but if you need any more help you know where to come.

  • Cheers malalete, spoke with my employers yesterday they are looking at my options.

    Oh yes I'm sticking around here as long as Ann the squatter resides upstairs ticking away like a time bomb ill be no doubt needing more reassurance and help from the lovely members here. ☺

  • its eye related and whilst i reacted badly to your first post it is important that this is taken seriously to find out what the cause is and what other treatments are available ?

    at the moment you may only be contracted to fly but ( it will mean a change in contract including pay ) but surely they could find something on the ground for you until you get yourself sorted.

    just out of interest how was your condition diagnosed

  • I suggest Steve if your so inclined to react to my posts with such negative interest you read all of my posts and educate yourself before coming on here and firing cheap shots at me.

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