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I don't post very often but i read the posts constantly. I have mixed emotions at the moment because the BIRT unit my husband is in are talking about discharging him on the18th Sept but I've not had any of the adaptations done to the house yet and the council have said it could be months before there done but the Rehab don't want to fund him anymore they say he's ready to go home. My husband has minimal mobility and is in a wheelchair. All my friends and family have said don'thave him home until the adaptations are done because it will be so stressful for me but I'm confused and don't know what to do for the best. What does everyone think? Sue xx

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  • The adaptations to your house need to be done before you have him home. You have to hold out for this to happen. If the rehab unit need to discharge him then they need to put pressure on the council.

    Kick this back to them.

    Janet x

  • The thing is they only put the referral in 2 weeks ago they must have had some idea they were going to discharge him before the next funding. Yeah I'm going to tell them I'm not having him home until the adaptations have been done. Thank you Janet. X

  • This is preposterous Sue. Stick to your guns and tell them they have a duty of care and would be failing in that duty by discharging your husband to an unprepared/unsafe environment.

    If the unit is no longer able to accommodate him they should arrange for alternative care until your home has been fully adapted to your man's needs.

    As if you haven't enough to worry about without this nonsensical/shoddy treatment !!

    Hope you reach a satisfactory agreement ; good luck. xx

  • Thank you Cat. Yes they do have a duty of care but they don't seem to and that's the problem. I'm going to tell them on Monday that they have to sort it because up until now they've expected me to make the phone calls to the council, take him to hospital appointment etc they are pretty rubbish at all that stuff i don't rate them at all. They've never been supportive to me I've had to do it all. Sue xx

  • I would advise contacting adult social care on Monday, (if you have not already done so) and normally they would assess your husband's needs, and submit an OTreport for the council or social services to iinstall the necessary adaptations. If they wish to discharge your husband THEY need to be contacting social services or the council. I live in East Sussex and on my point of discharge their assessed my needs, and adapt my home. Additionally, if it is social services, a care package is paid for by local social services to assess the home, and a person to help you to assist you with your hubby's needs. This often happens at our local hospital, people ready for discharge, but no care plan in place at home, and hospital are saying social services are 'bed blocking', but no forward planning from the doctor/nursing staff and either pressuring relatives to take patients home / OTs completing assessment, and social worker rushing for authorisation for funding.

    They need to contact social services or council (whichever, I am not sure for your area) to ensure the home and care package is in place. I dont know your husband's needs, but it sounds as though you are going to need daily help for him to start with. It is their duty of care, as others have said, and you certainly do not need extra pressure currently. Surely, it there is a health and safety element to be aware of. I.e. You probably need assistance to help your husband to move from the wheelchair to bed and toilet etc.

    I would advise contacting adult social care if this is how the service is run in your area and explain your predicament, and inform rehab unit you cannot possibly cope without this help, and leave it to them to liaise with social services..

    Good luck ! Xx

  • Hi Sem, the Rehab but a referral into wscc a couple of weeks ago so i ran adult services Wednesday just gone and explained the situation and she was really good she took all the discharge dates down and is pushing it through as urgent but she still doesn't know if the adaptations will be done in time. I've emailed his ot and told her to contact the council too as their more likely to listen to her then me. Thanks for the great advice very much appreciated. Sue xx

  • I am glad I can be of help. Good luck and I hope adult social care's care package meets you and your hubby's needs. Keep us posted 😊.

    Take care xx

  • I will thank you. Sue x

  • Hi Sue.

    I'm so sorry for your current predicament.

    Sorry but which area are you from ???

    Do you have a local Headway which might be able to offer you some help ???

    Can I offer some help & advise ???


  • Hi Steve, I'm from Crawley West Sussex and I'm not sure if we have a local Headway. I will gratefully except any help or advice you have Steve as i find it all a bit overwhelming. Sue xx

  • Hi Sue.

    That's great do you want me too see my if there is a local Headway by you??

    I can also contact them for you as well if you want???

    I'm currently a member off Headway???

    Do you want me to contact BIRT for you from here to see if that would help???

    I did know someone who worked there??

    I haven't seen him for a while but I can see??.

    Do you have a list or things that you need to sort out???

    Sorry for all of the questions but really want to help you if possible???


  • Thank you Steve and sorry for long delay. If you could find out if there is a headway near me that would be great and yeah if you would like to contact them for me that would be great. I've got a meeting at the BIRT on the 30th so I'm fine talking to them but thank you. I think I've covered everything else so I've not really got a list but I'm very grateful for the offer. Sue xx

  • Hi.

    Don't worry about the delay !!!!!

    I have sorted Headway for you.

    That's great news about the meeting on the 30th.

    Are you ok with that ???

    Is there any support/advise that I can offer ????

    As two minds are better than one !!!!!!


  • Hi.

    I have got a email from Headway, I have found they have one in Guilford. Is that one any good ???

    They have some good services for you.

    Can you please let me know if this ok for you ???

  • Hi Steve i very much appreciate all your help but Guilford is about a hour away from me so a bit too far to go but thank you so much for enquiring for me. Kind Regards Sue xx

  • Hi.

    I'm so sorry about that, they do offer other services that might be useful !!!

    Do you want me to investigate further ???

    Don't worry it won't be a problem, I will be very happy to help you in anyway possible.

    Please let me know if I can be off further help???


  • Hi Steve, thank you so much for your support. I don't really know it all gets a bit overwhelming. I have the big discharge meeting on Tuesday so i will air my concerns and hopefully get some answers. I much appreciate all your help. Take care Sue

  • Hi Sue.

    Thanks, I hope everything goes ok on Tuesday???

    I will be thinking off you, please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with following your meeting please let me know.


  • I'd say that you need to tell both the BIRT unit and the council that you NEED these adaptations. Write them letters or emails, but always cc in the other party, so they both know what you are saying: these changes NEED to be done, because your husband can't come home until then!

  • Hi Flumptious, thank you for your reply. I've emailed them and told them that I'm not happy with John coming home until the adaptations are done. We've got a big meeting on the 30th August about the discharge so i will air my views about my concerns. Sue xx

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