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1hour to save your life

Did any one watch this last night? Compelling viewing, I was so stressed watching this. What marvellous jobs these people do. I had trouble breathing at times.

It helps fill in some of the gaps and understand just what happened to me.

My heart goes out to those people and their families.

Next weeks prog is earmarked for viewing also.


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Yes- I saw this too Janet .... was transfixed ! I wondered if I "should" be watching this - but decided I had to watch , and yes , thought I might feel unsettled by it - but strangely it had a kind of opposite effect .... what is next week ??

K -)


There's 3 more, 2 of which are brain injuries again.

I've always been fascinated by these type of programmes but can honestly say that's the first one that really stressed me. Perhaps because I could really identify with the patients.



I missed this, Janet so tried to get it on Iplayer but no success : (

Any idea what I've done wrong ? Angela x


Hi moo,

I can't seem to get this to play on Iplayer :


Any ideas please ? Angela x


Hi Angela, this link worked for me so not sure what went wrong, I've been having trouble getting on to this site though?



Oh weird ! I switched off and on again and it's working now ! Have given my laptop a gentle and affectionate slap ! Yes, I'm finding loading on this site rather glitchy too. Thanks for programme info - I'm off to watch now : ) Angela x


Sorry moo - false alarm, working now ! Have successfully done the old 'Have you tried switching it off and on ?' trick : )) Angela x


I am Janet's sister and watched this program too. It had a similar effect on me, definitely compelling viewing, as it took me back to the days when Janet was struggling for her life. Also as a 'double whammy' I am having a brain operation in 2 or 3 weeks. However, unlike Janet, I am going to record the rest of the series until after my operation. I don't want to put my heart under strain also!!! I often read everyone's comments on this brilliant site and my thoughts go out to each and every one of you every day. My love and good wishes for the future to you all. xxx

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Hi sister , lovely to meet you : )

Sorry to hear of your health issues. Always nice to hear from a quiet browser - I often forget there are many others on here in the background that I am unaware of : must watch what I write in future lol : ))

Thanks so much for your lovely post - I'm sure I join all the others on here in wishing you all the best for your recovery.

Angela x


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