headway visit today

hi guys had ann-marie come to our home to day .glad she saw how scott was and the daily things I have to deal with she was very helpful and gave some great advice ann-marie did say scott needs rehab ,we talked over the difficultys scott has ,made me feel better that it is not only us like this and his symtoms are of many brain injured people ,I must say I do apolagise for me crying but its hard when you really don't see anyone else adult ,it was just so nice to have a convo with another adult as we are very isolated here and it can be days before we even see a adult x I really wanted to thank ann-marie for listening to me waffle on x and the cuddled was much needed .thank you so much ann-marie

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  • Good to see the visit has lifted your spirits Rose ; just being allowed to offload to someone understanding & caring can be an enormous relief and you've obviously received helpful advice from that lovely lady ! All best wishes to you both, Cat xx

  • Hopefully this is the start of you both getting some help you need. Make sure all avenues are followed up and good luck :-)

  • Good That does sound positive. Keep following up all that they suggested - get them to write to your GP if that will help push a referral for rehab up the list. And get over to the TED talks in Skeg as they too will be able to give you some pointers about getting people to help, including from the point of view of tackling your social isolation.

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