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Hello Sospan & Iforget

With the book, it was one of those, have to have it, desperately need it, moments - that pass if i wait.

I thought i might get the new 'speak/read' thing that my husband installed a couple of days ago to read it to me as i couldnt take it in. But it doesnt seem to read an article copied from the web. I guess i am just looking for answers to things i dont want to talk about.

In the early days i went on a quest to read things about Bi to try and patch my life a little, but it didnt help, other than i occasionally recognized a word the doctors used. And that wasnt the purpose of looking.

I think i just went off on another tangent - often by the time i am worn out with it i really dont know what the purpose was.

Im not going to be ordering any books at the moment - you should have seen my husbands face when i asked him to order this one. It made me angry at the time, but i can see what he means now. I have lots of lovely looking books on BI none of them read. Its such a waste.

I go around in a full circle, the best advice and support is on this forum talking to people with similar lives.

Kindest regards


(back in reality for a while)


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Ah...that all makes perfect sense to me...

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It ok, I found I had to balance my quest for knowledge to help with recovery with that of acceptance. I was looking for that "ah ha" moment where I found discover something that would fix my symptoms.

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