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As I have not posted anything for some time I thought I would put this on tonight. Since I retired I have started doing Art, this weekend I finished 2 pictures one a farm and the other a view in a local village both in pen and ink when I went to my Class this afternoon I showed my work to the teacher who told me that I had something here which should develope further she showed what to do and gave me some ideas she then showed them to the class who seemed pleased so my morale and self confidence went up. I still have along way to go but slowly I try and improve each time I work this is good for people with BI the more I read these posts I realise that we are a pretty unique band of people our motto needs to be like the 3 musketeers "all for one and one for all" well I guess thats all for now all the best to everybody.

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Hi comanchero

Go for it and good luck. After my bi I tried various retraining couses with varying success( or lack of). Then it was suggested I try art. I always doodled or sketched, infact my telephone notepad at work was virtually covered in small doodle/sketches.

With this in mind I joined a local college and with support enrolled to learn "colouring in" as I put it.

Well the first year course took me just over two years but hey I completed it. Since then I go through on off times painting , at moment its off. I find it relaxing and although frustrating at times very rewarding. I only wish I could understand why I have these off periods. Doesnt make sense really but maybe thats the bi in me.

I have been trying to set up a web page of my paintings and drawings but have had little success in doing this.

once again good luck and happy drawing.


Paxo, I think you can post just one at a time on here under a new post but don't hold me to this - I could be wrong ! Matt set up an art webpage a while ago for some of his drawings but I have lost the link now. I am learning that many people enjoy arts and crafts on here : ) x


Thought about posting a few but really need a web site as I think I have about a hundred or so ( spent about 4 years painting nearly every day) ranging from small scetches to medium size canvases.

One day I WILL do it ....one day


paxo: but we need HELP and motivation. Latter comes and goes for me. And SO tired trying do daily basics PLUS now blessed papers/admin.

Wish I had my own washing machine like I used to. We NEED that coz so tired going laundrette and can't do handwash/delicates (or one-offstrong colours) and get others tissues/colours on and smells BAD. YUK, hate it: a year and 3 months now. How many politicians use a laundrette?! Or have to walk/go by bus, maybe with toddlers in tow... ? And the COST of it, especially if kids etc.


paxo, yes: I couldn't understand instructions how to upload. Now forgotten how I created the web bits AT ALL. Shame, I worked hard then at it. wasted money buying domain names etc. Why no EASY simple instructions/ways to and help for unemployed/all to join in?


That's good to hear,Comanchero.

I do not know how to post pictures,myself but if you do, it would be lovely to see some of your work : ) x


Angel: I can't post here = no button to upload as was told here. Used to Twitter but now says (a lie) need Flash to upload, think it's a lie anyway!


YES, you wrote: my morale and self confidence went up. I still have along way to go but slowly I try and improve each time I work this is good for people with BI.

I've finally managed to get going on art, WAY too cold winter and huddled in one sort of heated room under duvet.

YES: it blocks EVERYTHING out = all the stress goes while I do it then BAM back it comes in letterbox and more bills/demands/go here do that go there - when already EXHAUSTED.

Well, I'm CURED of letterwriting (for now anyway), was never a moaner and SICK years ago of complaining, just put up with.

Hard to imagine (coz NO light at end of tunnel) a life with NO bills/demands/threats bailiffs/BAD letters in box.

But IF could imagine = just PLAY for ? long. THEN maybe recovered enough to do bits of letters/things important to me?

Never had arty block like this or gone for SO long no art but that's what COLD, depression, exhaustion, BAD housing etc. does.

That experiment didn't need doing though did it?

Why no art therapy for people instead of counselling? Why no job training for those who need to retrain/learn to have hope of finding/creating work? Hmmm.

Yes, not doing anything good yet but never know, might sometime. Or not. But PLAY, yes!

Some like rôle-playing = they can play that, I don't want to. Let those who WANT to do it. But NOT mess with my mind or waste my energy.


Hi comanchero,

That is great news to hear about your art and how it makes you feel doing it.

Art is one of my hobbies too, I like to draw mainly with graphite pencil (black and white) but i am getting quite used to using colour pencils as well.

You will have to take a picture of your work and post it on here, if you feel comfortable doing that, that is.

I have an online portfolio, coroflot.com/artybloke2584 is the link if you are interested :).

All the best with your future pieces :),


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Thanks for the link again, Matt.Have now saved this on my memory pad : )

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No problem :). And I normally always update it after a few weeks adding another picture slowly but surely :).

So it might be best to view it now and in a month or two you should see a few newer pics :).


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